Significant Trade Bitcoin Widget

Significant trade bitcoin widget


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Having a bitcoin ticker app installed in your smartphone helps you in a significant manner. You’re not required to visit the internet or search google to keep a track of the prices and the latest important information related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well.

From the time bitcoin has been launched it has gained high momentum and has reached the highest level in terms of its value.

Today there are millions of traders and investors from around the globe who have been involved with bitcoin trading and investing for a long time.

In addition, there are numerous people who are coming across the term bitcoin and are eager to know more and get their hands on trading and investing.

And why not, bitcoin has made hundreds if not thousands of people generate a good amount of revenue and they are now living a hassle-free life.

Speaking about the bitcoin ticker app.

Predictions and Analysis

There can be two types of people reading this article right now. The ones who are looking for bitcoin ticker app which extends to deliver home screen widgets.

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And people who are looking for bitcoin ticker app which provides you price alerts and a few crucial information along with it.

In this case, I’ll mention both types of the app and you can choose one accordingly that best fits your needs. Do note that both the type of apps provide price alert.

Significant trade bitcoin widget

The only difference is having a widget set up in your home screen which can be enabled in the Widget ticker app.

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Bitcoin ticker app (Widget app)

1. Crypto App

Crypto App is one the best app for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Significant trade bitcoin widget

It offers you the data of multiple cryptocurrencies in real time. The data of more than 1000 plus altcoins can be fetched in this app.

Significant trade bitcoin widget

You can easily set up a widget in your home screen which provides bitcoin price and also helps in alerting you for any crucial information.

Along with price and alert features. You’ll have access to the latest news related to cryptocurrencies. Everything that’s going around in the world related to cryptocurrencies can be understood from this app.


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Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget monitors the real-time rates of BTC and LTC. You can set your own custom refresh intervals and in that particular set time the app widget will refresh and will show you the updated price.

Along with bitcoin, it supports multiple cryptocurrencies and you can easily resize the widget according to your needs.

You can use USD, EUR, and a few other currencies to keep a track of the prices.


Significant trade bitcoin widget

Simple Bitcoin Widget

Simple Bitcoin Widget is a very clean and a simple cryptocurrency widget which can be customized according to your needs. You can set your own refresh intervals. This app claims to use very less battery power. Supports multiple cryptocurrencies and shows real-time prices.

You can select and set up your regional specific currency in this app, such as USD, EUR etc

Bitcoin ticker app (Price alert apps with other useful informational features)


Bitcoin ticker app (Widget app)

Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin Checker provides the ability to check details and prices of bitcoin and also for all other cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Helps you in monitoring the most recent prices of over more than 80 exchanges from all across the globe.

Along with displaying prices this app also enables you to set up and check for any alarms and alerts related to price drop or price changes.


Significant trade bitcoin widget

Crypto Price IQ

Crypto Price IQ is a Crypto portfolio and price alert app which can show data in other regional currencies such as USD, EUR to name a few.

This app provides you with the most recent and updated price of bitcoin.

Apart from bitcoin, there are more than hundreds of other cryptocurrencies which you can track easily.

You can track your cryptocurrency holdings from various exchanges in this app.

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Crypto price IQ also provides the latest news related to the cryptocurrency of your choice.

3. zTrader

zTrader is one of the best secure and reliable trading client for bitcoin and other altcoins.

You can easily trade any cryptocurrency using any of the 17 different exchanges which provide support to this app.

If you’re looking for an app with excellent features, then zTrader is the all in one app which you should be using.

This app Provides cryptocurrency price alerts, percentage alerts, news feed, secure storage, charts, trading and much more.

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All that just in your smartphone.


All the bitcoin ticker app mentioned are highly reliable and are used by millions of people every day. If you’re looking for a bitcoin ticker app which allows you to set up a widget in your home screen, then you can select any one from the widget app provider.

If you’re looking for a price app with more features to keep a track on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can select any from the price alert apps.

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