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Options trading montreal exchange

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Options trading montreal exchange

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Options trading montreal exchange

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Options trading montreal exchange

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Options trading montreal exchange

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Options trading montreal exchange

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Martin Noël

As can be seen in the following chart, the price of shares in National Bank of Canada (NA) recently peaked at $73.22, representing an increase of 21.85% in 110 days, for an annualized rate of return of 72.50%.

It is unlikely that this pace of growth can be sustained over an extended period of time.

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Year-End Opportunity in Cannabis Stocks?

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Through 2018 and into the first quarter of 2019, Canadian marijuana companies represented one of the hottest sectors in the equities market. However, since its March 19, 2019 high of $23.87, the Horizons Marijuana Life Science ETF (HMMJ) has been on a steady decline, and by November 19, 2019 it was down to $8.34, having lost...

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S&P/MX International Cannabis Index now live

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Canada has become a benchmark for the legal cannabis market and 2020 will be a pivotal year for the industry.

Options Trading Mistakes To Avoid with the Montreal Exchange (September 2017)

To enable market participants from around the globe to seize new trading opportunities, MX will launch the S&P/MX International Cannabis Index Futures (SMJ) early 2020. With the ongoing progression of cannabis...

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Currency Options University – Part 4

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Directional Trading with USX Currency Options Our focus in Part 4 of the series is to demonstrate how USX currency options can be used for directional trading through the direct purchase of a call or put option.

Options offer investors a way to buy a long position with a defined risk (limited to the cost of the option), while...

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Covered Call Block Trade on Canada Goose Holdings Inc (GOOS.TO)

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For almost 20 years, our team at CIBC Private Wealth has used defensive option strategies including Covered Calls, Selling Covered Puts and Collars to manage client portfolios.

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Our objective is to generate income from option premium in addition to dividends paid on stocks. Our primary focus is on wealth preservation.

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November – Educational Events

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November 7, 2019 Webinar – How to get started with options Time : 12:00 Speaker : Richard Ho Language: English Where : Online More information here.

  November 26, 2019 Webinar – Options Strategies in a Bearish Market Time : 12:00 Speaker : Jason Ayres Language: English Where : Online More information here....

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