What Is Stratis Cryptocurrency And Why Is It Rising

What is stratis cryptocurrency and why is it rising

What is stratis cryptocurrency and why is it rising

[Why did Stratus explode? Explanation of Stratis from Tech and Cryptocurrency YouTube personalities]

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As is common in the cryptocurrency space, people start to get curious about tokens once they have experienced huge growth.

Why have they grown so much?

What is stratis cryptocurrency and why is it rising

What do they offer which other cryptocurrencies don’t offer?

UK-based blockchain startup Stratis is one of those which has experienced a phenomenal 120% growth over the past week.

While other coins have experienced even higher growth, not one of them is in the Top 100 list on CMC, meaning that Stratis has shown much more potential to be a viable project with a solid use case.

There are certainly coins outside of the Top 100 which have great potential, but they are much more speculative than the ones within the Top 100, considering that the Top 100 represent over 90% of the cryptocurrency market.

Below I summarize explanations about what Stratis is from two of my favourite sources.

What is stratis cryptocurrency and why is it rising

Although there are many cryptocurrency YouTube personalities, two of the most unbiased and helpful ones I know are @ivanli and @boxmining, both of whom are also on Steemit. I strongly suggest you visit their channels to learn from them.

@Boxmining is great because his videos are relatively short and to the point, he gives information not just about the tech but also the potential use cases and he posts videos which are easy for the layman to understand.

What is stratis cryptocurrency and why is it rising

So let’s summarize what he has to say about Stratis:

  • Stratis is “Blockchain for Dummies”. It caters to businesses who want to integrate blockchain technology but who do not have developers who are familiar with the complex programming languages of Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • To that effect Stratis uses the C Sharp (C#) language which is much more ubiquitous and easier to use than the programming language Bitcoin uses which is C++
  • Stratis is hosted by Microsoft which provides a turnkey solution to businesses wanting to use blockchain technology on the .net framework.
  • Stratis is a great way for companies to experiment with blockchain technology with minimal expertise and resources
  • Stratis is based on the Bitcoin protocol which provides reliability, scalability and decentralization.

    Bitcoin is based on c++ which is highly efficient but also complicated to program.

  • One of the many use cases for Stratis is for video games whereby gamers can safely and securely store and trade weapons & objects in a decentralized manner while preventing the duplication of items and people exploiting the system.

    Ipos in het neerlands

    This is a booming industry. Stratis offers a solution which enables developers or users to learn the programming language required within just one week.

  • The Stratis token is maintained through a primary blockchain but also allows you to build private in-house custom blockchains (sidechains). Businesses can set up sidechains which are secured by the primary chain
  • Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) try to do something similar with the Ethereum network which makes use of smart contract which are useful but complicated to program.

    Cryptocurrency Market on The Rise?

    Note that Stratis however also makes use of smart contracts.

  • Stratis allows for contracts to be facilitated using sidechains unlike Ethereum which clogs up the network by obliging people to use the main Ethereum blockchain

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