Vitamin Water Dragonfruit Cryptocurrency

Vitamin water dragonfruit cryptocurrency

Vitamin water dragonfruit cryptocurrency

Florijncoin is rapidly gaining popularity within the crypto community, but also among consumers and all entrepreneurs therefore, we will introduce also a POS point of sale soon, and then all consumers can pay with FLRN and all other top 25 crypto currencies at all entrepreneurs that have this crypto POS.

Florijncoin | FLRN is in a start-up and the real value will be know, when we get listed at the biggest exchanges, if you buy now you only help our development team with all the development costs and listing fees we cannot guarantee the price of the FLRN yet! You can now download your free ELLIPAL wallet with FLRN in the Apple or Android store on your mobile phone!

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TravTries - Vitaminwater: Power-C Dragonfruit

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