Unclaimed Cryptocurrency Be Converted To Cash Scam

Unclaimed cryptocurrency be converted to cash scam

Unclaimed cryptocurrency be converted to cash scam

XCoinX OneCoin will be converted into cash in December 2019 …!

“Can OneCoin be converted into cash in December 2019” People are asking the same question over and over again . I decided to write a short independent research paper on OneCoin converting to Fiat currency on December 31.

But wait, do you really understand OneCoin’s vision?

If so, it was wonderful.

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If not, please read this article carefully.

(What is OneCoin’s vision)
Before asking the question “Can OneCoin be converted into cash in December 2019”, you must understand Dr.

Ruja’s vision. OneCoin aims to become a global digital currency in the future.

The purpose of OneCoin is to be used in various physical stores and online stores around the world.

Unclaimed cryptocurrency be converted to cash scam

But I don’t know people are asking about converting it to fiat currency. OneCoin’s success is entirely based on OneCoin.

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If users will remain loyal, OneCoin can grow quickly. On the other hand, converting OneCoin into fiat currency can reduce the value of OneCoin.

You can promote Dealshaker.

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Try introducing new traders to Dealshaker. If you have an actual store, you can place your transaction on Dealshaker and sell your products using OneCoin as a medium of exchange.

The above mentioned is the responsibility of the user to spend their money on Dealshaker instead of cashing with Fiat money.

Unclaimed cryptocurrency be converted to cash scam

Let’s talk a little bit about the corporate responsibility. One of the problems that Onecoin is facing is KYC’s approval. Approving KYC is an easy and quick process, but I am still confused why it takes so long to approve KYC.

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The company has announced the transfer of KYC approval process to a third party but we have not seen any progress.

Hopefully the company will take steps to make the KYC approval process quick and efficient. The other steps a company must take is to create a positive hype about OneCoin before launching an open market. It will attract more people to OneCoin and people will buy OneCoin on the exchange.

The company can hire bloggers to positively evaluate OneCoin. The community can also help the company create a positive hype about OneCoin.

Collection of Information

Communities can use their social media accounts to spread some positive news regarding OneCoin.

All we need is knowledge of OneCoin’s vision before asking about conversion to fiat currency. Now, let’s talk about the process of converting OneCoin to cash after December 31. OneCoin will be converted into cash at this time.

The company announced that OneCoin will appear on December 31, 2019. After OneCoin launches an open market, anyone in the world will be able to buy OneCoin from OneCoin-owned members and be ready Sell it on this exchange.

According to the survey, OneGoin’s GLG members, the coin will not appear on any other exchanges for security reasons.

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We have witnessed many cryptocurrency hacks over the years and lost replacement money. That’s why the company doesn’t want to compromise user data.

As I mentioned, if all OneCoin users will rush to withdraw their funds in fiat currency, the price of OneCoin may drop immediately.

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That’s why the company is working hard to come up with an appropriate plan to stabilize the price of OneCoin. There will be a limit on the sale of your money.

You will not be able to sell all your coins at once. . The company may publish limited details.

Unclaimed cryptocurrency be converted to cash scam

We do not know the details of such restrictions yet.

(Responsibilities of OneCoin owners)
As we all know, Dr. Ruja is a visionary woman and she brought the idea of OneCoin back to the world in 2014.

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She introduced the concept of KYC to the world of cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrencies are following the concept of KYC.

Now, it is the responsibility of OneCoin users to help Dr.

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Ruja make their dreams come true. OneCoin is mainly based on its user base and users must be loyal to OneCoin after OneCoin launches an open market. It means loyalty, users should not directly withdraw money from OneCoin into fiat currency.

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Users must use the money on Dealshaker to buy different products.

Share this article with your friends and colleagues to let them understand the vision of OneCoin.

Remember, OneCoin is not an investment plan. OneCoin’s goal is to become a global digital currency in the future. This is the only user who can help OneCoin succeed.


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