Top Ten Cryptocurrency In The World

Top ten cryptocurrency in the world

With cryptocurrency and the market in the news, every day for some reason or the other, conventional media portrays a picture of disdain and intolerance between governments and the industry.

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While this is true with the majority of countries, there are a lot of proud nations that are welcoming the new with open arms.


With cryptocurrency and the market in the news, every day for some reason or the other, conventional media portrays a picture of disdain and intolerance between governments and the industry. While this is true with the majority of countries, there are a lot of proud nations that are welcoming the new with open arms.

The blockchain revolution is something every developing nation ought to want to be at the forefront of.

What Is Cryptocurrency: Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies In The World

Because the blockchain is the future and it is just a matter of time before the technology becomes one the underlying principle of all systems. While the assumption may seem conceited, the blockchain’s capability is actually that much that its potential alone is enough to entice people to switch.

Countries like China, India and Pakistan have recently gone and released statements through their Reserve Banks banning the dealing with cryptocurrencies, which on-ground cripples the growth potential of the industry in the respective countries. But a lot of countries have taken the change head-on and when the time comes for others to make the transition, they will lead the world into its new era.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world

Here is a list of ten most cryptocurrency friendly nations in the world.


  • EstoniaThe Republic of Estonia is a small Baltic nation in Northern Europe. Though the nation has not been one that has readily moved to newer technologies, it became the first country to establish and offer e-residency and has since become a trend-setter of sorts.

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    In early 2017, the country staged a full-fledged shift of governance onto the blockchain. Along with its politics going on the blockchain, its healthcare, voting and tax systems followed shortly after.

  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland, since the beginning of time, has been known for its lenient financial laws and its ease in adopting new technologies. So it should come as no surprise that Switzerland is at the forefront of the newest and possibly the most destructive financial technology revolution.

    10 Most Cryptocurrency Friendly Nations in the World

    Many companies that are based out of countries that are not pro-crypto do their testing and research in Switzerland since FINMA has released guidelines that help and, in fact, encourages research and exploration into the capabilities of the blockchain.

  • AustraliaThe country hardly appears in the headlines of the crypto industry and is quite insignificant in comparison with the industry big-wigs.

    However, Australia has proven to be one of the most progressive and accepting countries in terms of cryptocurrency. The country, though quietly, has been paving its way to a more and more crypto-friendly nation.

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    In the first quarter of 2018, the Australian Government released a policy whose enactment would make sure that cryptocurrencies were available easily to everyone that was interested. The policy told 1200 newsagents country-wide to make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum available over the counter.

  • DenmarkThe Government of Denmark has adopted a very ‘live and let live’ technique when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

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    But remains on the list of potentially one of the most pro-crypto nations in the world right now.

    The government has a very teasy 0% tax on crypto assets as they have no ‘issuers’ and come under no guidelines that the finance ministry has in place.

    This, however, does not mean the government has not repeatedly issued warnings about the risk and volatility of the market.

    Top ten cryptocurrency in the world

    But that is where the government of Denmark drew its line. No bans, no restrictions, nothing.

    Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world

  • CanadaCanada is arguably the most crypto friendly nation out there. With numerous crypto startups and exchanges based out of the country, it just goes to prove that the government is very supportive of the new fintech.

    Canada also has the rare pride in having two cities be called ‘bitcoin hubs’; Vancouver and Toronto. The country, in general, is bustling with crypto exchanges and blockchain startups.
  • NetherlandsAmsterdam is famous for quite a few things.

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    One among the many things that Amsterdam is known for; it is the best city for tech startups in all of Europe. The country is also home to the biggest bitcoin conclave and has the highest density of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide.

    The Dutch government have decidedly been quite lax with regulations for the crypto market. And has also been experimenting with making its own crypto coin.

  • United KingdomThe United Kingdom is a global financial hub.

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    It is surprising that the country has been so quiet about cryptocurrencies and its market. A lot of people attribute the government’s lax regulations to an increasing fear that their influence on the global stage is going to take a hit because of its ongoing separation from the European Union, most famously called Brexit.

    Regardless, the country is home to a thriving crypto community spread in big and small pocket all over.

    Top ten cryptocurrency in the world

    And only recently, a group of financial big-wigs came together to create the UK’s first blockchain industry trade body.

  • RussiaThough initially very apprehensive and light-footed about the cryptocurrency market, Russia has come a long way since its banning spree.

    With the Russian government working quite hard to enact its very first bill with regard to cryptocurrencies sometime in May.

    There was also a lot of chatter about the possibility of the Russian government bankrolling its own cryptocurrency; the crytoruble.

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    But the project was shot down by the country’s very own finance ministry, saying the country should not have its own cryptocurrency and should instead support the market.

  • JapanThe land of Satoshi Nakamoto (allegedly), the name of the founder/founders of Bitcoin, has only recently become massively crypto-friendly.

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    The Japanese, much like Estonia, have introduced the immutable blockchain ledger into their government services.

    In Japan, it is not only the government, but the private sector seems to be all for crypto and blockchain interventions too. With many governments moving their documentation and tracking onto the blockchain and being more accepting of crypto as a method of payment.

    Top ten cryptocurrency in the world

  • South KoreaThe hotbed of technology is home to the big names Samsung and LG, cannot be left off this list. South Korea has become the hub for all crypto related services, despite its government’s hot and cold approach to the industry.

    The government, though it has issued multiple warnings about the use and trade of cryptocurrencies, has no steadfast laws under which the crypto market falls and hence has resulted in the vast mushrooming of crypto and blockchain tech startups.

    It is also the home for numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.

Top ten cryptocurrency in the world