Swedish Cryptocurrency Fake Or Real

Swedish cryptocurrency fake or real

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Did you know that Sweden is thinking about launching its own cryptocurrency? The government has been talking about it in the last few months and the whole crypto community is eager to see what is going to happen. Estonia was intending to launch a coin, too, but the European Central Bank interfered.

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As Sweden is not a part of the Euro Zone, this will probably happen this time.

Why are we telling you this information? Because the company that we will review today, Kryptonex Research Group, claims that it knows the name of the new cryptocurrency Sweden will use.

What Is Kryptonex Research Group?

This company claims in a video that it was selected by Sweden and that it knows the name of its new crypto, but it can only tell its clients because of a non-disclosure agreement with the government.

The company states that the price of the coin will skyrocket when it is announced, so you should hurry and buy as much of it as you can to get money.

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This does sound fishy, doesn’t it?

The Kryptonex Research Group asks for your name, email and for your money in exchange for the information about which coin will be chosen by Sweden.

Is Kryptonex Research Group Sweden Crypto Coin A Scam?

Yes. Without a doubt. This is, in fact, one of the worst scams we have ever found.

Swedish cryptocurrency fake or real

The whole concept is just so full of different holes. Why would the government of Sweden do what this company is saying? It does not make any sense at all.

Swedish cryptocurrency fake or real

Let’s discuss point by point why this is fake and surely a scam.

First, why would the government choose a private company to launch a governmental coin?

It will certainly create its own coin. In fact, some sources are saying that it will be called E-Krona.

Swedish cryptocurrency fake or real

Only a corrupt government of an underdeveloped country would think that it is a good idea to outsource the production of such an asset.

There is also the ridiculous “non-disclosure agreement”. Why would a country give insider trading information to a private company?

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That also does not make any sense. The company only shares this information with its customers because it gains nothing by sharing it with everybody and because it is clearly fake.

Finally, there is also the issue of the whole site being bad.

What Is Kryptonex Research Group?

The interface is cheap and it does not have any information. Clearly all the red flags for a scam.

Kryptonex Research Group Verdict

This company should be awarded for the worst scam of 2018.

Swedish cryptocurrency fake or real

Seriously, stay away from it and never believe in any company with a similar story. The government of Sweden will create its own token and announce it before the coin is on the market, trust us.