Sunday Night Cryptocurrency Meme

Sunday night cryptocurrency meme

Sunday night cryptocurrency meme


If you woke up on Sunday with the clear head, then your Saturday was not interesting. At least, the most popular Sunday memes express the idea that this very day of the week is supposed to be one of the hardest: you either relax after a party or have a huge “to do” list of sewing (if you are a misery-moo and have no idea of what is the hangover effect, of course).

On Sunday, it is really impossible to do something.

Sunday night cryptocurrency meme

It is a tradition, finally; this is the day that is considered to be the one to lay on your bed, watching your favorite TV series, jawing something delicious and light.

We agree with you and usually do the same thing – such an “activity” can divert one from thinking about Monday. All the working people suffer from such thoughts, and you can see their pitiful faces on the Internet – there are so many hilarious happy Sunday memes and funny sayings.


Well, such memes not only make the people laugh at the sad-sad situation, as Sir Elton John sings in his quite suitable here song “Sorry, seems to be the hardest world”.

Probably, the famous musician experienced “its Sunday” effect and wrote the song under the influence of the controversial feelings: on the one hand, the world gives us the opportunity to have a rest but on the other this day is totally spoiled with the home duties (who is on duty today and does the washing and sweeping up?). To be honest, the Sunday humor is cute, anyway.

Moreover, the humor touches even the night before the Monday – come on, try to have a good sleep before the working day!

Sunday night cryptocurrency meme

Especially if you have a lover (but this is 18+ humor).
In this page, we present you the coolest Sunday memes: have fun and share your good mood with your friends!

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