Sleeping Giant Cryptocurrency Reddit

Sleeping giant cryptocurrency reddit

Sleeping giant cryptocurrency reddit

Currently, all the limelight was focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum and we can't deny the fact that these two currencies were the king and queen respectively in the cryptocurrency world. Most of the altcoins can't be purchased unless we go through with these coins.

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The buzz that bitcoin had these recent days was so intense that many people would take notice. There are reports that were circulating in the web that in Germany virtual currency was recognized as "private money" by the German Finance Ministry - that means bitcoin can be used for tax and trading purposes in their country. Meanwhile in the Philippines, Central bank grants licenses to the two local bitcoin exchanges in the country - these are the two exchanges that operate in the country.

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There are so many things that happen in the cryptocurrency world day by day. Some countries they banned bitcoin and later they withdrew their decision.

Sleeping giant cryptocurrency reddit

Bitcoin now is really on a global scale phenomenon and its impressive bull run leaves a mark in history as one of the fastest growing currency.

Steem has widely underrated cryptocurrency together with Steem Backed Dollar (SBD).

This may be due to its performance several months ago that it hardly reached $1. But I do believe that Steem is a sleeping giant that is ready to wake-up anytime soon.

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Its platform is so unique compared to other cryptocurrencies. Most platforms include lending, trading, staking, mining & etc but this steem was backed by steemit which is a social media-like platform wherein users can interact each other via blogging and steemit chat.

Sleeping giant cryptocurrency reddit

I do believe that steem is a long-term investment and will have a stronger community compared to those common platforms that other cryptocurrencies have. Most ICO's right now was just having the same platform all throughout and users were jumping from one platform to the other.

If the steemit team will revolutionize their platform that will run like facebook, surely it will catch the attention of a wider audience and will create an intense buzz within the crypto-community.

Currently, Steem and SBD were started to rise and its on track - hoping that this will continue to surge.

Sleeping giant cryptocurrency reddit

I do really love steemit and their platform as a whole, it's so unique and simply amazing! kudos to the steemit team.