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Contracts for Space.

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The receipt by the Organizing Committee of CCE 2018, with payment for the entire amount of the exhibit fee, will constitute a contract for the right to use the specified exhibit space that has been reserved for your use.

Cancellations will be accepted only after the available exhibit space has been sold and another exhibitor agrees to purchase the canceled booth space or before the deadline.

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This contract will not be binding in the event that an unforeseen and uncontrollable event, such as an earthquake or any other uncontrollable situations, leaves the exhibit area unusable. If such an event happens before January 15 to March 15, 2018, CCE 2018 will refund at least 50% of the exhibit's fee.

R cryptocurrency events toronto

Space Assignment.
For applications with full payment submitted prior to reserving exhibit space (see above) CCE 2018 will attempt to honor your choice of exhibit space based on the receipt date of your completed application for the selected space. In the event that all of the requested choices have been assigned, CCE 2018 will assign equivalent space as close as much possible to your preferred choice.

Exhibit space assignments will be publicly available on the CCE 2018 website.

Access to convention center Wi-Fi and two exhibitor badges.

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Any power requirements can be arranged for an additional charge. The rental period for the display tables and booths is per event.

Additional Furnishings and Supplies.

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Additional supplies and furnishings beyond those listed above must be arranged in advance and the meeting is held with the Official Meeting Exposition Services Contractor at an additional cost. Additional electrical power beyond the standard amount described above must be arranged with CCE in advance prior to the expo.

The official staff CCE 2018 meeting service provider will provide exhibitor services.

Installations and dismantling of exhibits.
Exhibitors may set-up their displays from 7 am to 9 am on Day 1.

Dismantling begins after the exhibits close at 4 pm on Day 2.

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Space Restrictions.
All discussions, demonstrations, distribution of literature, and other activities must be limited to the exhibitor's booth and assigned area.

No exhibitor may sublet, assign or share any portion of their assigned space without first obtaining approval of CCE 2018.

Displays should not interfere or block other exhibitors and must not block the aisles.

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Sidewalls should not extend farther than 3 feet from the back wall of the display booth. No equipment higher than 7.5 feet will be allowed along the booth sides.

Protection of Convention Center Property.
Nothing may be taped, glued, tacked, nailed, 41) screwed or in any other way attached to any part of the Convention Center building or any of the furniture in the building.

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Any damage caused by violation of this requirement will be repaired at the exhibitor's own expense.

The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and agrees to defend, protect, and hold the Hotel Convention Center and their employees, officers, directors, and agents harmless against all claims, losses, or damages to persons or properties, governmental charges or fines and attorney's fees arising out of or caused by its installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition room or part thereof, excluding liability caused by the sole negligence of the Convention Center and its employees and organizers.

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Exhibitor's Badges.
Each exhibitor will receive two badges per booth space purchased as part of the meeting registration. Additional badges may be purchased for $50.

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The names of each person should be listed on the Exhibit Booth Application Form. The Exposition Chair must be notified of any additions or deletions to this list.

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The meeting badges will admit exhibitor representatives to the presentations of contributed papers, symposia, mixers, and poster sessions. The exhibitor representatives with meeting badges will need to pay extra event admission fees to the "ticketed" events, as must all be registered meeting attendees.

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These event admission fees may be paid on the website registration page or at the registration desk at the meeting site.

Admission to the Exhibit Area.

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Admission to the exhibit area requires wearing a CCE 2018 badge. The only exception will be employees and staff of the Convention Center.

Exposition hours.

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The exposition is scheduled for the following times:11:00 am to 6:30 pm, Dayl and W 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Day 2. Exhibitors should have at least one representative seated at their table.