Neo Gas Cryptocurrency Price

Neo gas cryptocurrency price

Why I am buying NEO GAS (Antcoins) instead of NEO (Antshares)

Just a little round up before I begin. In July 2017 Antshares is being rebranded to NEO and Antcoins will be rebranded to GAS. July is going to be a hot month for Antshares.

2017 Q3 Rebranding

Anthares --> NEO 

Antcoins --> GAS  

NEO, somethimes referred to as “China’s Ethereum” can best be compared to a share you hold in a company, like ownership.

As a NEO shareholder you are partly owner of the blockchain.

NEO's price too prohibitive? Don't sleep on GAS!

The NEO shares cannot be divided, same as shares you hold in a company; undividable.

So, when I’m a NEO holder, do I get dividend? YES! When you hold NEO in your core wallet (so not on an exchange) you receive GAS.

So how much GAS does one NEO produce?

Let’s have a look at NeoCoins and the answer is: 

It'll take you approx. 2170 day(s) and 3 hour(s) to get 1 Ant/Neo Coin.

Oops, so I pay about $7 to $8 for a NEO share to produce 1 GAS in more than 2170 days!

Neo gas cryptocurrency price

Why not buy GAS right away? Well, a lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that you can buy NEO GAS (currently called Antcoins before the rebrand) and NEO GAS is cheap!

Since the NEO shares have gone up in price and already listed on Bittrex you probably missed out on the big pump.

Well, here’s the good news; you can buy NEO GAS still before the big pump, as it is listed only on, a fairly small Chinese crypto exchange. In the first week of July Antcoins were added to CoinMarketCap

NEO GAS (still listed as Antcoins on 19800) go for about 13CNY and that’s about U$ 1.90 per coin.

Neo Statistics

Imagine this NEO GAS hitting one of the Western exchanges, it goes 5x the price at least in no time!

Antcoins on 19800 over past few weeks.

But buying cryptos in China at

Sounds like a lot of hassle to buy NEO GAS? Nope, not at all!

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Easy as baking cookies. Because looks like a 2005 trading platform, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, 19800 works like a charm. Back in the ol’ days when trading your first Bitcoins, that’s the idea you get from, sweet!

To make it even more easy, here’s a guide to get you started on buying Antcoins GAS on 19800.

Howto buy Antcoins (NEO GAS) on (by mortenwi9)


This account has been archived in forex

Go to

2. In the top right corner on the left hand side of the avatar/human icon, you will see 中文版.

When do the forex markets close gmt

Click this once and the label will change to "English". Click it again to change language on the site to English.


Neo gas cryptocurrency price

Now click free registration 

4. Enter email and password 


Neo gas cryptocurrency price

Click email verification link in your email 

6. You have now logged in successfully.

7. Send email to [email protected] including your full name, passport number, photo of yourself holding passport and your 19800 account ID. This ID is listed top right corner.

What is Causing this Speedy Incline?

You can even grey out parts of your passport, if you are scared some hacker will get hands on your passport. I greyed out some numbers and it was accepted in a few hours. Some people get verified in minutes!

NEO Crypto Reiew: Potential in 2020??

8. On the Security page (, head to "Set Google Authenticator" and follow instructions to set up it up.

What is NEO Smart Economy?

Once you have set it up, it'll take you to a new page with the title "Close double verification". Don't misunderstand this page, like I initially did, to think "closing the verification" means to close/finish the process; simply just click back to another page.

Neo gas cryptocurrency price

Said in another way, in the process of adding the google authenticator, only enter the code once; entering the code second time means to remove the connection again. confusing copy on 19800.

NEO Price Prediction 2018: 300% Exponential Growth Possible

9. Wait for them to email you back saying OK or something or check to see if your passport info etc is there yet.

10. Now get some funds on 19800 to be able to buy AntCoin. For sending in any coin that they trade, hover over your email at the top right and select transfer.


Let’s Talk About the Price of NEO Gas…

Find your coin of choice and send it over to the listed wallet 

12. Sell that coin for CNY 

13. Go to and set up transaction passport 


Go to and buy ANC for CNY. 15. Transfer ANC GAS to your core wallet with ‘Funds out’. Make sure you leave 1% on the exchange as Blockchain fee. Else your transfer is done manually and can take 24 hours.

Neo gas cryptocurrency price

So you have 1000 ANC? Withdraw 990 (1000 minus 1%). In 30 seconds your funds are in your core wallet.

Thanks for reading!