Mufti Islamic Finance Cryptocurrency

Mufti islamic finance cryptocurrency

Mufti islamic finance cryptocurrency

Bitcoin In Islam In Urdu Fatwa On Cryptocurrency Halal Or Haram

Bitcoin In Islam In Urdu Fatwa On Cryptocurrency Halal or Haram : Many Pakistani people do not have any idea about if bitcoin halal or haram, and are looking for the proper bitcoin fatwa in Urdu.

That is why today i am going to explain the basic fatwa on cryptocurrency, which will help all Pakistani students who want bitcoin training in Urdu.

Mufti islamic finance cryptocurrency

So if you want to earn bitcoin in Pakistan, then first watch this video till the end. This latest fatwa on bitcoin is from a mufti azam who lives in Cairo, and he answered the question is bitcoin halal in Islam. Recently i also created a video about bitcoin mining in Urdu and bitcoin earning in Urdu for YouTube users in Pakistan, Where i provided bitcoin urdu tutorial and the answer for the question "bitcoin kya hai in Urdu".

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