Most Expensice Cryptocurrencies In 2025

Most expensice cryptocurrencies in 2025

Most Expensive Cryptocurrencies in the world, buy & sell one of these valuable coins/tokens!

Most expensice cryptocurrencies in 2025

Bitcoin is not cryptocurrency that has the highest coin price!

If you think Bitcoin is the most expensive currency in the world, you’re wrong. Bitcoin is just one of the cryptocurrencies with highest price.

The Most Expensive Cryptocurrencies Revealed

Let us find out what are these coins and where and how to buy and sell these world’s most expensive cryptocurrencies.


10. CryptopiaFeeShares CEFS | CEFS Price: $768.00USD | Total Supply: 6,300 CEFS | Exchange: Cryptopia


Most expensice cryptocurrencies in 2025

BitGold (BITGOLD) | BitGold Price: $1,451.76 USD | Circulating Supply: 189 BITGOLD | Exchange: BitShares Assets Exchange

8.IDEX Membership | Price: $2,036.13 USD | Circulating Supply: 2,000 IDXM : Exchange: Idex.Market

7.Primalbase Token (PBT) | Price: $2,774.12 USD | Circulating Supply: 1,250 PBT | Max Supply: 1,250 PBT | Exchange: Tidex, Waves Decentralized Exchange


BitBTC (BITBTC) | Price: $5,686.57 USD | Circulating Supply: 52 BITBTC | Exchange: BitShares Asset Exchange


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Bitcoin (BTC) | Price: $5,938.47 USD | Circulating Supply 17,112,787 BTC | Max Supply: 21,000,000 BTC | Top Exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, OKEx, CoinBene, Huobi, Simex, GDAX, HitBTC, BitStamo, BitFlyer (and almost all cryptocurrency exchanges including kraken, kucoin, bittrex, yobit, currency exchange io, etc.)

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Russian Miner Coin (RMC) | Price: $6,086.05 USD | Circulating Supply: 1,507 RMC | Total Supply: 10,757 RMC | Top Exchanges: BitFlip, Kuna


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42-Coin (42) | Price: $21,739.10 USD | Circulating Supply: 42 42 | Top Exchanges: Livecoin, Cryptopia, Trade Satoshi

2. Project-X (NANOX) | Price: $41,429.60 USD | Circulating Supply: 0.07826400 NANOX | Total Supply: 1 NANOX | Exchange: Yobit


Most expensice cryptocurrencies in 2025

Bit20 (BTWTY) | Price $130,873 USD | Circulating Supply: 1 BTWTY | Exchange: OpenLedger DEX

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Most expensice cryptocurrencies in 2025