Lukke Switzerland Cryptocurrency Exchange

Lukke switzerland cryptocurrency exchange

Heard the one about the guy who nearly bought Bitcoin in the early days?

Bitcoin: TRAP!? Revenge of SV

Thought so.

Everyone has been at a dinner party with someone that was “about to buy Bitcoin” just before it exploded. Sounds familiar? “If only I had followed my instincts!

Lukke switzerland cryptocurrency exchange

I don’t know why I didn’t go through with it!?”

How could you be sure back then that Bitcoin value would explode the way it did? It is impossible for anyone to know which products will become the next big thing and which are just a passing fad.

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Remember Altavista? Remember MySpace?

When was bitcoins ipo

If you had jumped on board any of these when they were hot as hell and held on for dear life, you would be left out in the cold right now. If you had, on the other hand, opted at the same time for Google or Facebook instead, well then today you would be very happy indeed.

Is there an easy way not to be the person who “nearly bought Bitcoin”?

Is there an easy way to be the person that jumps on the next Crypto equivalent of Google or Facebook?

Lukke switzerland cryptocurrency exchange

Now there is a way to be both! The LyCI Service Token.

Lukke switzerland cryptocurrency exchange