Is Cryptocurrency One Of The Greatest Losses For Investors

Is cryptocurrency one of the greatest losses for investors

6 People Who Lost Millions in Bitcoin

Let me take you on a quick trip to the recent past.

The time is mid-August, 2015.

Bitcoin investors are tired and disgusted. Their beloved cryptocurrency has crashed and then gone nowhere for eight months.

Suddenly and without warning, it starts falling again, plunging below "critical support."

Wall Street "experts" say Bitcoin is "dead." But they are all in for one of the greatest surprises of investment history.

Bitcoin bounces.

It climbs back above the red line in the chart below.

And it keeps going, going, going … until, just over two years later, it surges from $200 to $20,000.

Now, fast forward back to the present.

Even as I write these words, the first half of the story has just repeated itself …

As in 2015, Bitcoin crashed and then went nowhere for eight months.

As in 2015, last week it started to fall again, plunging below critical support (at the $5,800 level).

And again, Wall Street "experts" are saying Bitcoin is "dead."

This raises three urgent questions for investors …


Is cryptocurrency one of the greatest losses for investors

Will the second half of the story — a massive new crypto bull market — also repeat itself?

2. If so, which cryptocurrencies will lead the way?

3. When is the surge likely to begin?

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We will …

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Is cryptocurrency one of the greatest losses for investors

One is about to transform the entire financial industry. The second is 1,000 times faster than Ethereum and already being used ten times more. And the third could virtually replace the entire internet.

 Map out the likely timing of the next major up cycle to new all-time highs.

Plus, we will also …

 Show you how our Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings could have helped you avoid devastating losses this year.

 Send you our list of 20 popular cryptocurrencies we wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

 Reveal the breakthrough cryptocurrency strategy that could have turned $10,000 into $439,367 during a period that included both a crypto bull market and a crypto bear market.*

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Is cryptocurrency one of the greatest losses for investors

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* On November 27, when you attend our video session online or you get the transcript, please be sure to read about the investment risks and how we calculate these numbers.