International Journal Of Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies Impact Factor

International journal of blockchains and cryptocurrencies impact factor

International journal of blockchains and cryptocurrencies impact factor


The main objective of IJBC is to be a primary forum for scholars, researchers and practitioners for the dissemination of knowledge, methodologies, theoretical analyses and modelling, simulation and empirical studies on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Articles on the evolving theory and practice related to distributed ledger technologies and peer-to-peer digital currencies are intended to provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of their use within technological, business and organisational dimensions.

The secondary objective of IJBC is a thorough examination of blockchains and cryptocurrencies with respect to issues of management, governance, trust and privacy, and interoperability.


The target audience for this journal is academics, IT professionals, researchers, industry professionals, postgraduate-level students, government officials and other practitioners working in this field.


IJBC publishes original papers, review papers, technical reports, case studies and book reviews.

Special Issues devoted to important topics in financial technology will occasionally be published.

Understanding the impact factor