Guy Says Hell Eat His Dick Cryptocurrency

Guy says hell eat his dick cryptocurrency

Guy says hell eat his dick cryptocurrency

There is nothing wrong about promises, though they are, as people say, always meant to be broken. But if a person does it on a whole new level – like a national level – that is when it becomes absurd. Well, it seems the titular antivirus guru John McAfee is going to make history if his gambit turns out to be a huge disappointment.

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And he better make sure of it, because people clearly do not want to see his “thing” on national TV.

Known for being forthright and, at times, controversial, the anti-virus software founder made some massive airwaves again.

Guy says hell eat his dick cryptocurrency

He made some nasty comments on the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency and well-known digital payment system.

The dude is making headlines once again.

RT reports that McAfee was on a Twitter marathon, ranting at Bitcoin’s plummeting value.

He mentioned about the cryptocurrency being “low of $1,800+” value. That it cannot maintain its existence in the years to come.

But the best part of the show came after a bet that he himself orchestrated.

McAfee may Eat His Dick For Foolish Prediction On Bitcoin’s Price To Reach $1 million

He said:

In the long term Bitcoin moves above $500,000 within three years. Bets?”

Well, actually, the best part of the “John McAfee Show” was when he promised to eat his own “d*ck on national television.” This he will do if he losses the bet.

Guy says hell eat his dick cryptocurrency

Of course, this is a very huge BS from an already considered BS man.

Because hotdogs are the most cliche things on national TV.

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In layman’s term, McAfee is hoping not to see a rise of around 22,636 percent in the upcoming three years.

Otherwise, he will have to hire a broadcasting network to air his little Johnny.

Guy says hell eat his dick cryptocurrency

Interestingly, Bitcoin has managed to reach a high value of at least $3,018 in June. But after sometime, it took a punch to the guts, dropping to a saddening value of $2,000. As of this writing, it is sitting at $2,384.

Guy says hell eat his dick cryptocurrency

Bitcoin continues to be the most popular cryptocurrency out there.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

In fact, the cryptocurrency’s market value is improving despite the recent lapses.

Fundstrat’s very own Tom Lee would not coin (pun not intended) it “the new gold” for nothing anyway.

McAfee, on the other hand, has also joined the Bitcoin mania.

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His new company, MGTI, is in fact one of North America’s largest miners. It is even expanding its reach to other cryptocurrency markets.

The cryptocurrency is also considered a reliable digital payment system.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

With the rise of cryptocurrency, there is no reason to believe that McAfee will lose.

Why did cryptocurrency just crash

But who in Earth wants to see his “thing” anyway?

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