Get Current Cryptocurrency Data As Csv

Get current cryptocurrency data as csv

Use the links below to download our historical Community data for all supported assets in CSV format.

Get current cryptocurrency data as csv

You can either download data for all assets as a ZIP or TAR.GZ archive or pick specific assets from the list below.

Note that not all metrics are available for all assets.

Get current cryptocurrency data as csv

This is indicated by labeling the asset as having "Partial Support". Lack of full metric support may be due to gaps in pricing data or challenges auditing the ledger to determine supply or fee schedules.

Furthermore, several assets migrated from prior networks before launching on their native mainnets.

Get current cryptocurrency data as csv

For some of these assets, data collection ceased at the time of mainnet launch (the date that we ceased collecting data is now labelled). Coin Metrics may upgrade data for these assets at a later time.

Best Crypto Exchange CSV Export Instructions Page (Needed For Bitcoin Tax)

For definitions of metrics, please see our data dictionary or check out our new tools page! Our tools page also includes an assets-by-metrics matrix that lets you know which assets have which metrics available.

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