Fenix Cash Cryptocurrency Trezor

Fenix cash cryptocurrency trezor

What Is Fenix.Cash?

Fenix.Cash is on a mission to create a holistic financial platform that will make it possible for bands, performers, comedians, and other artists to connect directly with their fans and supporters.

Fenix cash cryptocurrency trezor

Fenix.Cash is a token that runs on a blockchain platform. When artists and performers choose Fenix.Cash, both them and their fans or supporters will benefit.

Everyone already understands why artists and performers are considered lucky to be able to communicate directly to the community, and with their fans; however, Fenix.Cash is a platform they can use to extend such capabilities to include selling tickets, merchandise, and privileged access, and even a way to share exclusive content.

How Fenix.Cash QTUM Blockchain Crypto Token Data Works

Over the past 20 years, the net revenues for bands, artists, and other groups have been diminishing.

This is because natural capitalistic factors, inefficiency in the financial and performance systems, and the cash money system took a toll on their trade.

Fenix cash cryptocurrency trezor

The brains at Fenix.Cash discovered that the root problem of this is the artists’ inability to take control of the power and freedom that arises from their work.

With the arrival of blockchain, artists can now take advantage of their new raw power to shape their lives, arts and acts, and enjoy its fruits rather than leaving it all to record labels and streaming services.

To necessitate a faster flow of quality products and to give the artists instant access, Fenix.Cash will distribute 30 per cent of its tokens to the artists who use the Fenix.Cash platform, granting them the freedom and the resources to pursue their craft.

Fenix.Cash Benefits

According to the company, Fenix.Cash tokens are a cryptocurrency that is designed to benefit artists, particularly musicians, and their fanatics.

The fans get to enjoy a direct access to their favorite artistes, bands, or performers, exclusive content personalized for them is just a tap away, and the Fenix.cash system offers a tailored VIP experience for an artist’s supporters.

Fenix cash cryptocurrency trezor

The best part, though, is that everything about their favorite celebrities and bands are all on a single platform.

To the artist, Fenix.Cash means direct access to millions of current and new fans and supporters around the world on one dashboard and app and a way to easily and accurately understand what the fan base wants, and how they want it.

By using the Fenix.Cash app, musicians and other artistic performance will have chosen a new simple way to sell their products without involving the middlemen.

This means more freedom for them, more profits, and a single dependable revenue stream from the fans.

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