Diagram Cryptocurrency Technology Protocol And Token

Diagram cryptocurrency technology protocol and token

Diagram cryptocurrency technology protocol and token

The world of Cryptocurrency is mannered with a lot of virtual transactions that not only call for secure systems but also for efficiency in service delivery.

So far, the use of blockchain technology has been at the forefront of facilitating those needs.

Diagram cryptocurrency technology protocol and token

However, as we continue to witness technology advancement, we also encounter increasing scamming activities. All this call for a more prudent measure such as futures protocol.

About Futures Protocol

Futures protocol is a third-generation ecology that would work to ensure ultra-secure transactions, decentralized peer-peer exchange, the creation of highly productive and dynamic self-regulated GDP cryptosphere and execution of dynamic smart contracts.

Diagram cryptocurrency technology protocol and token

All this, through the authentication blockchain asset portfolio.

What Are The Features Of Future Protocol?

The innovators of future protocol exploit the following tools to ensure a unique blockchain transaction venture for its users;

  • Transparency in GDP driven eco-system for price and value discovery
  • Binary crypto Ecology
  • A transparent community constitutional management which is free from manipulation
  • Futures Protocol p2p Mobile App that would enhance Fungibility and utility within the ecosystem
  • Atomic peer to peer exchange which sustains user anonymity, for better security and privacy.
  • Community managed hybrid blockchain which is accessible to all for auditing and recording
  • Futures (BUX) that provide proof of Authority (POA), access to blockchain ecosystem and mining rights to SBX.

How Does Future Protocol Work?

Future protocol functions as a peer-to-peer ecosystem that makes use of tokens for person to person transactions without the necessity of intermediaries.

Here there is no need for an exchange or regulatory body.

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It’s a system that can endure everything to provide a Cryptocurrency ecosystem that seeks to meet the needs of millions of users. The platform would make use of SBX as a currency that will enable securing of premium income assets.

Therefore, in this regard, users of this ecosystem can operate internationally by directly sending tokens to each other.

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However, users will have to invest in the Mining Rights Sale (MRS) or the Token Event to become viable members of the ecosystem, where they will be free to conduct their businesses the way they want. The platform is set to take over from Ethereum to form a more advanced form of digital transactions while monetizing environmental services.

Sales Information

The sale of the future (BUX) tokens will include 50.5% BUX and 15% SBX as a 3rd party “audited treasury” and the remaining 49,500,000/49.5% BUX made available for token sale;

•    Post-ITO- 5-15 Million tokens for mining for 15-30 months to create 100,000,000 Lone Empire Tokens (SBX) with 49.5 BUX available for initial token offering at $1.00.

The allocation would include 15M SBX developers, which will be in escrow until the completion of the asset portfolio, which could be in 2019.

The maximum one can purchase is 64,500,000 SBX.

Future Protocol Conclusion

Future protocol possesses a wide range of opportunity for Cryptocurrency and technology enthusiasts.

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Through this third-generation system, users can enjoy ultra-secure transactions with others in the ecosystem without worrying about their privacy. The system is an improvement to the current Ethereum systems, which is set to be much better.

Overall, we find the platform well organized with relevant information in place

However, the information seems too complex for beginners, hence you would require an expert for better understanding.

Hence, we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

Diagram cryptocurrency technology protocol and token