Decentralized Web Hosting Cryptocurrency

Decentralized web hosting cryptocurrency

Decentralized web hosting cryptocurrency

DeNet is a blockchain startup that works as a peer-to-peer marketplace. The objective of the platform is to provide secure web hosting services globally while giving its users a chance to generate income by maximizing on its sharing economy systems.

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Co-founded by a 19-year-old developer, the company seeks to restore in online users the assurance of the privacy and security of personal data through decentralizing web-hosting services.

How DeNet Works

By creating an alternative to the current centralized cloud-based services, the decentralized platform seeks to seal the gaps and vulnerabilities that unwarranted third parties use to get access to personal data.

Therefore, it gives internet users online anonymity and freedom from constant surveillance, which has been a major concern across the world.

DeNet stores all data in its system in an encrypted state with the owner having total control over this information. There is no administrator to dictate where and what to do with the files.

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The data is remains secure as the system allows for the creation of backup copies in different places globally. DeNet is not under any government jurisdiction and is a free platform which any internet user can access at any time.

As a single-stop decentralized web-hosting service, DeNet will have hundreds of thousands of connected devices, creating an opportunity for income earning through renting out of personal processing power for profits.

This, in itself, opens a new world of technological advancement and a redefinition of modern internet infrastructure, which relies on single host servers.

The DeNet Difference

The company is already testing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) alpha-version to show the practicality of the idea.

Decentralized web hosting cryptocurrency

This decentralized static holding is entirely different from what other startups have tried to introduce. It does not require installations of any specific browser. Online users can now upload a static domain webpage to the alpha-version and gradually migrate to a decentralized network.

DeNet has invested heavily in research, a proof that the company’s vision is in value creation and viable solutions that will be a game changer in the coming generations.

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Additionally, the fact that it lacks a central administration implies the technology cannot be handed over to a single individual or company that wants absolute control over the system

The company has also agreed to a policy where they make no claims to any profits generated by a group or individual who uses the web-hosting ecosystem.

Why DeNet Is The Future

DeNet operates on a clear and simple to use mechanism, making its hosting the simplest ever.

You don’t have to worry about your levels of skills or knowledge as the only necessity for DeNet hosting is having a functional web browser.

The company has developed a transparent payment system, which saves users from incurring any extra costs that go towards a subscription or intermediary fees. The only payments will be for services provided, which will be cheaper than what it takes for web hosting today.

More importantly, DeNet has embraced the use of popular tokens in the world of cryptocurrency.

Decentralized web hosting cryptocurrency

Everyone will, therefore, be assured of making secured transactions that are not limited to a region or political affiliations.