Cryptocurrency With Instant Confirmations

Cryptocurrency with instant confirmations

NimbleCoin is a 2nd generation cryptocurrency designed with unique features that makes it ideal for instant payments:

  • 5 seconds block interval
  • 20 seconds confirmation time (for 0.1% probability of reversal).

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    This is possible because the NimbleCoin uses new innovative protocols to decide confirmation time.

  • 100 transactions/second ready.
  • UTXO set hash included in block-header to simplify SPV validation.
  • Standard clients keep only one year of block-chain data.
  • Extended scripting language, no “standard” transactions.

    All opcodes available.

  • Safe Merged-Minig
  • NimbleCoin Foundation launched to promote the use of the currency

The coin was designed by Sergio Demian Lerner.

The project is currently in beta testing.

Cryptocurrency with instant confirmations

More news to come soon..