Cryptocurrency User Emails Txt

Cryptocurrency user emails txt

Merge Mania Begins

So here we were with 153 Million Bitcoin Users worldwide – but no idea WHERE they are located in the world.

Then we got the bright idea to do some “data magic” and “merger mania” – database style..

Cryptocurrency user emails txt

We have a list of 220 Million USA Consumers here for sale, with EMAIL ADDRESSES…  So we smashed the 153M bitcoiners into the 220 USA consumers at the point where they uniquely meet, at the email address.

3.9 Million USA Email Optin Matches

WOW,  we wound up with 3.9 Million matches of USA consumers who were on these bitcoin users lists. First name, last name, city, state, zip, phone, IP, time and date.

Cryptocurrency user emails txt

All USA email optins.

Actual Header = First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, IP, Date/Time

Stale Phones

So now we have all of these USA email optin bitcoin users.

The only problem is that most people want to use these lists to make phone calls, but this is an optin email list, so the phones do not have good connectability and are not reliable to call.


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