Cryptocurrency Thats Worth 20 Cents

Cryptocurrency thats worth 20 cents

Cryptocurrency thats worth 20 cents

Dear Readers,

I have put together the 3 coins under 1 cent that I believe to have the most potential for future growth! I will explain below why I do believe these coins are poised for success in future. Hopefully, you can get so rich you can be like this guy below.

1. Verge (XVG)

Although incredibly complex due to its massive amounts of information and features, it is safe to say that it is an altcoin that understands safety, decentralization and "fairness" very well.

Verge strives to offer anonymity and decentralization at the highest level imaginable, as the original vision of Satoshi was when he introduced Bitcoin.
It has features/benefits which make it truly anonymous.

A Tor wallet

Tor is a web browser which protects your identity while using the internet.
Often used to access the dark web, it also serves those that want to use the "regular internet".
During times in which big companies and governments are massively profiting from all of your information and limiting your privacy as much as possible, tor is a good choice for everyone!

Tor hides your IP, doesn't store cookies and does a good job at protecting your online activities.
If you combine this with Verge, an anonymous currency, you will be able to make what ever purchases and investments you would like to make and use the internet as it was originally meant to be.

For example gambling or making purchases, you would rather keep private become accessible without traces.

Not supporting master nodes

Master nodes are very expensive machines that mine cryptocurrencies.
They give a lot of power to those that can afford them, centralize crypto and master nodes are able to register IP addresses.
Verge keeps their currency truly decentralized without giving up any of its transaction speed, transactions are generally completed in under 30 seconds.

Verge focuses on protecting the user's identity (IP), instead of protecting the transactions.
Other than Monero, the other privacy based cryptocurrencies do not focus on protecting IP addresses which can ultimately lead to the people behind them.

Verge did not pre-mine and is based on proof of work.

They focus on fairness and fund their development themselves and through donations.
Soon they are adding more methods of generating income to fund further development by adding a Verge merchandise store (Accepts XVG and BTC) and by taking a 2% fee of a multi-algorithm mining pool that they will be finishing somewhere during August.

Something I personally find very interesting on the list is the fact that they are adding smart contracts.
The development of their smart contracts is currently finished but is awaiting approval/activation of a third party.
I expect that the addition of smart contracts will cause a massive spike in the valuation.

Verge has been around since 2014 as DogeDark before rebranding to Verge in 2016.
During the development of Verge it has built a massive, active community.

With a telegram chat of over 3000 active members, 100s of pages of comments on their external forum topics and an active following on Twitter, the alt is being supported and used by many!


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Siacoin (SC)

Siacoin has grown dramatically over the past few months, growing from $ 9 million to a current value of $ 422 million, or nearly 4600%.

Siacoin has existed since the end of 2014 (the idea even since 2013), but it was one of the smaller currencies from market capital. It can be seen that in the current bull market people are very interested in this crypto.

Cryptocurrency thats worth 20 cents

Let us therefore consider what Siacoin is:

Sia - a decentralized private cloud solution

The Sia platform is a decentralized cloud solution that places great emphasis on privacy. In the Sia Cloud, the data are stored decentrally on different hosts encrypted.

Cryptocurrency thats worth 20 cents

Only the owner of the data is in possession of a key, with which the same can be decrypted and merged. Even if the hosters of the cloud were to crack the key, they would have only a part of the stored files.

Siacoin is the currency with which hosting is paid in the Sia network.

How to get a file storage via Sia?

As in real life, this is governed by a contract.

In this case, it is not only determined how many Siacoins the customer can rent as much storage space as for a long time, a collateral, which the host will cover, is also stipulated in this contract. This collateral is paid to the customer should the host lose the entrusted data.

Cryptocurrency thats worth 20 cents

Conversely, the customer pays his money already at the beginning in the contract and can not disappear after saving his data simply without paying.

It has huge potential to compete with the cloud storage giants such as AWS, Azure and Dropbox.

3. Reddcoin (RDD)

Reddcoin is one of the most affordable Altcoins on the market.

I was pleased to find a passionate and dedicated dev team working on it after doing a little bit of research.

Many coins at this price have fallen from neglect, but RDD has been reinvigorated and turned out to be a bright gem waiting to be discovered.

RDD previous experience in the industry

Their earliest involvement with cryptocurrency was in 2010, when Bitcoin was first being discussed publicly. At that time, intriguing articles were being written about this new technology, and I was hooked.

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I read everything I could get my hands on.

When the altcoin industry began to explode in 2013, I started looking for a project to get involved in. Bitcoin and Litecoin were already out of reach, overwhelmed with developers.

I looked for a smaller coin I could participate in and discovered Reddcoin for the first time.

I spent the first two years learning. Prior to 2015 my efforts were out of the public eye. I spent much of my time writing tools to analyze Blockchain data and diagnose issues with the new technology.

Short term goals for Reddcoin

My first priority is to let everyone know Reddcoin is back and the future is bright.

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We have an invigorated team, and we share a passion to be the gateway to cross-domain, social network micro-donations. We plan to be the ‘Social Currency’ used everywhere.

Since resuming development on the project, our first goal was to update the core wallet software and align ourselves with the upstream Bitcoin code base.

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Porting the code turned out to be a significant task due to Reddcoin initially being derived from Litecoin, but we were successful. This new wallet was competed and released on August 13th.

Our next task is to implement Redd-ID on the Blockchain.

Redd-ID will allow anyone to create alias names for their Reddcoin account, and map specific social network identities to RDD addresses. This will provide a flexible interface to easily give people the ability to send micro-donations to other people’s social network accounts.

We are also working on overcoming the challenge of updating our core wallet to handle an ever expanding Blockchain.

This becomes increasingly difficult for the average user as the Blockchain grows. We will be implementing a light client based off of Electrum, giving our users near-instant wallet startup and simple backups.

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This updated wallet will incorporate Redd-IDs along with additional plugins to improve functionality.

Without utility, cryptocurrency is little more than a trading token. Only when used in the real world will it have true value and gain acceptance. To reach our goal of making Reddcoin a valuable resource for the average social network user, we need to create a simple, lightning quick wallet to transfer coins.

This, in summary, is our short term goal.

Motivation behind Redd

We simply realized social networks are playing an increasingly important role in connecting the world.

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Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and blogging sites like WordPress offer amazing content, but very few options to show gratitude for people’s contribution to that content.

This realization brought me back to Reddcoin.

The original developer released a roadmap in August, 2014 and it blew my mind.

Cryptocurrency thats worth 20 cents

Their team had the vision to embark on a journey to revolutionize the way we participate socially. At its core, it involved creating a user-friendly wallet which made it possible to swiftly transact and securely protect a person’s coins.

In 2016, I still believe these goals are possible. I don’t see any other coins working on an effective method to transfer micro-donations across multiple social networks using one decentralized wallet. Our ‘Social Currency’ will give people the opportunity to give more than a thumbs up when they want to recognize someone’s excellent work, no matter where they are seeing it.

This is an exciting project to be working on, and the potential for world-wide integration is huge.

From a technical standpoint, the Reddcoin Blockchain provides parameters specifically created to enhance these wallet features.

It has 60 second block creation and Proof of Stake Velocity (PoSV) consensus algorithm, which rewards anyone staking up to a 6% return annually.

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This means Reddcoin operates ten times faster than Bitcoin, and gives compensation to people for simply having coins in their core wallet.

Where does Reddcoin go from here?

We have ambitious development plans for the next twelve to eighteen months. These will be revealed in our latest Roadmap release available at the end of September (see the bottom of the interview for a link to the Reddcoin Announcements page).

When investors see our vision and realize we are passionate about reaching our objectives, we believe the community will see today as an exciting opportunity to invest in Reddcoin’s future.

RDD is unquestionably undervalued when considering its potential compared to other coins available.

Team working full time on crypto projects

Reddcoin has one full core dev. Other team members are transitioning from day jobs to dedicate more time to the project.

We have also received support from the growing Reddcoin community. Volunteers, seeing Reddcoin’s potential, are generously donating their time and talents to its development.

About SolarCoin

I encourage anyone seeking to get involved in the cryptocurrency space to contact us to see about these opportunities.

To recap RDD’s financial past, the original IPCO raised 168.8 BTC in return for a portion of RDD distributed to investors according to the rules of the engagement.

At the time, the USD value raised was $126,600. That money was used on the first phase of Reddcoin development by the original team, who has declared those funds as spent. The current team was not involved in the original development and has not received any of the IPCO funding.

To fund the current development, we have created donation addresses to support operational, administrative, and network costs.

Donations are very appreciated, but are purely voluntary (these donation addresses can be reached from the link at the bottom of the interview).

Does Reddcoin work in conjunction with Bitcoin, or as a competitor?

We see Reddcoin as being complimentary with the overall crypto-community.

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The work we are doing is innovative, and tackles some of the problems being faced by other large Blockchain projects. By just doing what Reddcoin is designed to do, we can lessen the transaction traffic other altcoins are experiencing by performing millions of micro-transactions done today on their blockchains.

Quick summary of Reddcoin

Reddcoin is being designed to provide the mechanism to perform micro-donations across various social networks.

Our goal is to focus on overcoming the challenges of developing an innovative way to provide a completely decentralized network for social media.

With Proof-of-Stake as the consensus mechanism, it is viable for the average person using their core wallet to participate on the Reddcoin network and be rewarded for their involvement.

Cryptocurrency thats worth 20 cents

By simply having a wallet with coins, people earn interest to be full nodes, which helps to create a secure and decentralized network.

Thank you.

Let me know what cryptocurrencies you have your eyes on under 1 cent!

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