Cryptocurrency Security Token List

Cryptocurrency security token list

ABOUT STOs (security token offerings)

Having an updated complete list of ICO and STO tokens will surely help you find good ones to invest in. Besides updated ICO listing of the great ICOs, Top ICO List website provides an updated STOs listing for investors looking for valuable security tokens.

On this page find the appealing STOs that you can watch or invest in.

Cryptocurrency security token list

Just click through their website to read their whole projects description and whitepaper to learn more about the STO. You can also see the substantial information about the STO in the Top ICO List, even without reading the whitepaper.

Cryptocurrency security token list

For example, you can see the list of strengths and potential concerns for each STO, the individual scores of the different areas of the STO and a rating based on weighted average those.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the definition for an STO and security can vary. In the EU securities are basically shares of companies (called equity securities) or corporate bonds, also known as debt securities, or other type of securities that generate payment instruments such as cash or can be used for buying back securities.

Cryptocurrency security token list

In the US, the definition of securities is much broader, as the main defining character of a security is the purpose of investing and what the company or the entrepreneurs are doing with the collected investment proceeds. Therefore the definition of security in the US doesn’t depend that much on the actual tools that the investors are getting to redeem.

Security token offering is somewhat a newer phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world.

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STOs give public the opportunity to invest in security tokens, many of which have dividends or other ways to give value to the investors, usually based on the equity of the company behind the STO. Typically STOs are targeting accredited investors.

If you have your own STO, you can send a request to make your STO listed on Top ICO List to make it visible to more potential investors.

Cryptocurrency security token list