Cryptocurrency Mining Rig Fires

Cryptocurrency mining rig fires

Yesterday I was streaming a video and I noticed my Kindle Fire was extremely hot, the battery was draining too fast.

Cryptocurrency mining rig fires

I googled a bit and apparently some sites use your device to mine cryptocurrency while watching videos.
On Android devices you can actually block this by installink software like Opera Mini, which contain a built-in ad-blocker to stop mining.

On Kindle Fire, well, there's apparently absolutely nothing you can do.

Silk is one of the worst browser I ever saw, lacking a lot of basic feature you can find elsewhere.
I tried to install Opera Mini on the Fire, it works but apparently the protection against the mining doesn't work (Opera created a site to test if the feature is working correctly, and visiting the site informs me it's not working on Fire, while it works on my mobile phone: I don't know why, both devices are using an Android OS, but I presume the Kindle Fire one is different leading to something malfunctioning in Opera Mini).

I tried to install the normal Opera browser and the Fire gives me a parser error.

Inside a Bitcoin mine that earns $70K a day

Softwares like Adblock Plus are totally useless, they simply don't work, not even blocking normal ads.

So, is there a simple way to block crypto currency mining on Kindle Fire, or the walled garden created by Amazon with this device is f****d, other than being useless (since 90% of the apps are missing on Amazon Store and 5% of them uses Google Servicises anyway)?