Cryptocurrency Coins On The Rise

Cryptocurrency coins on the rise

Rupaya coin is a new currency the devs call "Cryptocurrency of South Asia".

Let's see the specs and talk about its potential!

Today we have 5,316,119 RUPX (the acronym for Rupaya) in the market with a market cap of only $128,205.

A pump and dump event

This coin is mineable with 4 blocks for confirmation and a total supply of 7,939,394 RUPX. I will show you why is so important to me but first I need to tell you something.
Out there there is a market full of currencies with no future.

The reason is simple: they are not supported by a community and by active developers. Even the social media channels are not used in order to give updates to the followers!
I think this is not the case with Rupaya Coin. I'm not a developers, just a user, but I see a good potential first of all due to this exchange of knowledge between community and devs.

A pump and dump event

Saturday August 12 2017 we had a rapid pump and dump: from 0,02 USD we went to 0,269 USD.

Cryptocurrency coins on the rise

Than back to 0,03 USD.
I thought to hodl instead of selling.
Maybe I was wrong, but I saw a great potential, so why I have to sell if I can have a greater profit in the long run?

Let's see if Rupaya meets the characteristics of the Ideal Cryptocurrency

I wrote an article here on Steem I called it "The Ideal Cryptocurrency".

Cryptocurrency coins on the rise

In this post I write the characteristics I think a currency should have in order to be ideal, and give a huge profit in the long run. You can read it here: .

Could Rupaya coin be an Ideal Currency?



As I told you before Rupaya is mineable: this helps the decentralization and creates a community who believe in the project and want to "find the gold".


Forex pattern with two same candles

Low total supply

A total supply of 7,939,394 coins is really low, and this means the coin can become a rare asset and its value can increase. On the contrary, if a currency has infinite supply or billion coins of supply it needs a huge market cap or the single coin will value almost 0 at the beginning, betweeen 0 and 1 euro after some years.

3. Fast payments

A fast payments system is needed if the devs want this coin to be exchange by people in a real situation, for example in a store.

Cryptocurrency coins on the rise

At this moment I think is too soon to test the speed of Rupaya, 'cause we have too few transactions. We have to wait a few months.


Bank of scotland contract for difference

Price < €0,10

Today a single coin is really cheap: about 0.024 USD! It's time to buy 'cause we need a small initial investment in order not to lose a great amount of money. In my opinion a coin with an initial price under €0,10 will give us the opportunity to spend between 10 and 100 dollars and make profit.

What is RISE?

Or lose just this money.

5. Light Wallet

I think some progress should be made here. We have a wallet but today is slow: if a wallet needs to download the entire blockchain from the beginning, it can cost GB on our hard disk.

This could discourage users.

Cryptocurrency coins on the rise

So "light wallet, many wallets" is the right way. Give some time to the developers!


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Not Ethereum blockchain

Many new cryptocurrencies use the Ethereum blockchain; it's useful and maybe easy to be implemented. I don't know 'cause I'm not a developer.
But I think in this way they are related to the Ethereum trend so it could be a pros but also a cons.

Rupaya doesn't work on Ethereum blockchain.

7. A good community

As I told you before, I think there are good exchanges between the community and devs.

A currency is just a medium, a cryptocurrency need to be also a community.

Top Ten Coins To Watch In 2020

If we the people support a currency with these specifications, we'll have a future-proof coin.

I think there are some steps to be made but I see a good potential. Rupaya can rise and reach 1 USD really soon!
If you want to buy some Rupaya coin at this moment you can only use Nova Exchange, but I think soon you'll find this currency on Bittrex or other big exchanges.

Just don't wait if you want a huge profit!