Cryptocurrencies Github Activity Charts

Cryptocurrencies github activity charts

The CoinCodeCap project is another interesting way to rank crypto currencies, but instead of using market capitalization or trading volume it ranks them based on their tech development using the Github activity of the projects.

The ranking algorithm uses all the repositories of any cryptocurrency projec as there are a some projects like Ethereum for instance that has more than 100 repositories.

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Something interesting from the last few days based on data from CoinCodeCap is that 1376 coins did not publish any commits in the last 90 days or more, projects with combined market cap of over $800 million USD. Of course only 90 days with no activity may note necessarily mean a project is dead, but over 500 of these tracked “dead crypto projects” have had no commits for more than a year already.

So if you are interested in looking at a different kind of crypto ranking and also check for some projects with no activity for a while that you might be holding coins or are considering mining, then definitely give CoinCodeCap a go.

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Cryptocurrencies github activity charts