Cryptocurrencies And The Powers That Be

Cryptocurrencies and the powers that be

Blockchain: The Advanced Tech That Powers Cryptocurrencies

What would happen if individuals had self-dominion over themselves? They would have to take full responsibility for their own actions, their own choices, and their own successes and failures.

Cryptocurrencies and the powers that be

Yet the system that was built – the one that is crumbling faster and faster by the day – restricts this from happening. And in so doing, it prevents most people from ever being truly free.

The systems that keep the elites in power have been in place for generations – to the extent that most of us have been programmed and indoctrinated to accept the status quo as normal.

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It starts in school and carries on through a regime of 9-to-5 jobs until we retire at an age dictated to us by the system.

There is a reason the school system doesn’t teach financial skills beyond how to write a check.

Teaching people anything beyond that might allow them to break free of a system designed to enslave them in a 40-hour work week with the illusion that financial freedom is only achieved after 40 years of enslavement.

But that system is failing as we are seeing more and more often.

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Enter Cryptocurrency

We can see the system falling apart as regulators scramble to decide what to do with cryptocurrencies. The scary part is that these regulators are cut from the same cloth as those in Congress who have no clue what Facebook is.

It’s not up to regulators to decide what has value as a currency.

So, are we to expect a bunch of old white dudes reared in the ways of fiat and old money to understand blockchain?

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For the most part, all they see is something that threatens their very existence and they don’t know how to control it. The truth of the matter is that currency – whether it’s in the form of seashells, dollars or Bitcoins – is given value by those who choose to use it. It’s not up to regulators to decide what has value as a currency.

So, what are these regulators protecting us from?

Cryptocurrencies and the powers that be

What are they saving us from? Ourselves?

Here’s a newsflash: no one needs saving.

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What we need is to be left alone so that nature can take its course. All decisions have consequences. It’s time for people to own up to that and stop being dependent on the government to protect them, especially when it comes to our own individual financial well-being.

The biggest problem with the current financial system is that there is no room for self-dominion.

It’s not designed to create self-dominion, it’s designed to create slaves.

Cryptocurrencies and the powers that be

And that is where the true power of cryptocurrency lies. That is why most people are scared of it.

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Because to truly have self-dominion over our own financial well-being means taking responsibility for our decisions.

As more people come online with cryptocurrency they will realize that they have it in themselves to achieve true freedom. And the more people that come online, the more the old guard will try to control it.

What if they just let it be, rather than trying to regulate something they don’t fully understand (or perhaps they do), and instead allow individuals and entrepreneurs to sort it out for themselves and let nature take its course?

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What if we as individuals started taking full responsibility for all of our own actions in the financial realm? What if….


The true power of Cryptocurrency lies within the recesses  of personal development and self discovery most have yet to explore.

While the masses remain asleep, “the powers that be” are starting to grow concerned because things such Bitcoin can no longer be ignored.

Cryptocurrencies and the powers that be

Cryptocurrency is designed to help awaken the masses and as society continues to navigate this new territory, the battle for control over our financial freedoms is at stake.