Complete Conversion From Fiat Money To Cryptocurrency

Complete conversion from fiat money to cryptocurrency

It is possible that at some point in your cryptocurrency investing journey, you feel the need to sell off some of your crypto.

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Most of the time, this means you are just converting it back into the USD of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, but you could also be trying to get your money out of cryptocurrency entirely.

If your goal is to convert back into fiat currency, then there are a few paths you can take.

Complete conversion from fiat money to cryptocurrency

As you might remember when you were first putting your money into cryptocurrency, it isn’t nearly as simple as using a regular brokerage account, but it is getting easier.

Simplest Possible Method

This sort of goes without saying, but if you did acquire your cryptocurrency on an exchange that allows for fiat deposits, you are likely going to be able to convert your money back into fiat with that same exchange.

Exchanges known to do this are Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, and Coinmama, although there are many others that do and it is worth checking yourself.

Complete conversion from fiat money to cryptocurrency

Exchanges are generally motivated to increase their revenue, and as a result, they tend to have fees set for withdrawal. Not only does this make them money when you withdraw your money, but it also makes it more likely you will keep your money in the exchange and continue trade it, which will also make them more money.

Complete conversion from fiat money to cryptocurrency

The final thing you should realize here are that the exchanges may put actual limits on the amount you can withdraw or the time period you must wait before withdrawing. Both of these serve to the same effect as high withdrawal fees, and help them control their liquidity in a way very similar to a bank.

Using Services and Vendors

It is possible you have already moved your money to a separate hardware or software wallet, in which case, it might not make sense to move it back to an exchange, just to pay fees on the withdrawal.

Step 3: Selecting a Coin to Convert With

There are other ways of getting your cryptocurrency back into fiat, and some of them work out to be quite a bit cheaper.

In fact, websites like make it possible you to actually sell your cryptocurrency at a premium because of the extra effort. LocalBitcoins does take a fee, but it still works out quite nicely for the seller in the end.

Another option you may find appealing is using your money to directly pay for goods or services.

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There are an increasing amount of companies that accept cryptocurrency, and this saves you a lot of hassle, as it is working very similarly to You are bartering with each other rather than have a third party act as market maker, and the costs are reduced as a result.

Similar to this is the idea of using your cryptocurrency to purchase a prepaid debit card.

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Services like Monaco and Tenx are making this easier than ever, and it minimized the number of times your money needs to change hands before it is spent.

What to Do About Your Altcoins

If you are trying to convert your altcoins back into cryptocurrency, you will have one extra step.

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Since most altcoins transact on a different exchange than those that convert into fiat, you will need to sell your altcoin for a more well-known cryptocurrency, and then convert it to fiat.

Generally, users choose to do this using Ethereum, because of the significantly lower network fee.

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You would sell your altcoin for Ethereum, transfer that Ethereum to your fiat exchange, and then sell back to your fiat currency.

No matter why you’re choosing to convert your crypto back to fiat, it is even nice to know how you would if you were in a pinch or were worried about potential crashes.

The best way to think of it is having an escape plan, just in case.

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Complete conversion from fiat money to cryptocurrency