Buy One Gram Cryptocurrency

Buy one gram cryptocurrency

Each OneGram transaction generates a one percent (1%) transaction fee, up to a maximum of one (1) OGC token.

Buy one gram cryptocurrency

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, with OneGram seventy percent (70%) of this fee is reinvested to buy more gold to increase the amount of gold that backs each token.

As transaction volumes increase, more gold is added to the vault and all OneGram coin/token (OGC) owners share in the profit by an uplift in the value of each unit. Over time, the value of each OneGram token rises by default.

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This makes OneGram a unique asset and a consistent store of wealth whose value increases perpetually. Twenty-five percent (25%) of this fee will be used for development & Operations. Two and a half percent (2.5%) will be donated to charities and two and a half percent (2.5%) will reward miners (POS staking).

Buy one gram cryptocurrency

Historically gold is more resilient, and holds it’s value better than any fiat currency and is particularly strong in times of economic instability.

The transaction volume for a new cryptocurrency is typically low.

Founder Pavel Durov

To address this, we will be introducing a variety of strategies for rapid real-world adoption of OneGram as a currency.

OneGram coins are issued and redeemed for gold via the the GoldGuard platform.

After coin launch, the OGCs can be bought, sold and traded via any major cryptocurrency trading platform.

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A new payment gateway, YalaPay, will be launched for OneGram coins. Besides fiat conversion, YalaPay will include marketing strategies such as a white label loyalty program for merchants, featuring special offers, and discounts for customers. The model will be first introduced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the payment institution license already in place.

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A GoldGuard Mastercard debit card (“Liquid Gold”) will also be created, which will work across the globe in ATMs, POS systems and online. It will be possible to recharge the Liquid Gold card with fiat, OGC or gold through our payment gateway, online or through GoldGuard ATM machines.

Buy one gram cryptocurrency

By giving token holders all the best in the financial services offered by cryptocurrencies, OneGram aims to make transactions numerous and easy for the users.

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