Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Chart

Best cryptocurrency portfolio chart

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Nowadays, it feels like we always have an electronic device by our side - whether that's a phone, tablet or smartwatch.

And since cryptocurrency enthusiasts like me always want to stay up to date with the price developments and news, I have started using a couple of cryptocurrency related apps.
I noticed that there have been quite a few new additions to the variety of cryptocurrency related apps - which only goes to show how much more mainstream this topic has become!

So I have decided to summarize some of the main and most useful cryptocurrency-related iPhone apps, to provide you an overview over the tools and services that are available.

#1 - Price Tickers & Crypto Portfolios

Of course, the most important kind of apps (for me) are those that provide you with an overview of real-time cryptocurrency prices.

This is vital information for every trader, and since prices fluctuate so much, it's always handy to stay up to date!


CoinTicker is one of my favorite apps due to its simplicity.
Just like, which is an essential tool for anyone dealing with cryptocurrencies, CoinTicker shows real-time values for countless different cryptocurrencies.

Best cryptocurrency portfolio chart

You can also change your home currency in which prices should be displayed.
But an additional feature that I quite like is that you can even add your own portfolio. This way, you can always keep track of your personal investments and see what they're worth in your home currency.


Coindex also lets you keep track of your own portfolio.

On the app home page, you can select which cryptocurrencies you'd like to keep track of, you can list your own investments and the app even tells you how much total profit and 24h change in % your portfolio has undergone!
Additionally, CoinDex provides you with information about the latest upcoming or running ICOs, which is also vital information for every trader.


BlockFolio is a popular cryptocurrency app that lets you keep track of your own portfolio.

Best cryptocurrency portfolio chart

You can check how your investments are developing in real-time, and have access to features like setting alarms in case currencies hit different price levels, and % and $ changes of your portfolio in the past.
There's even a section that displays the latest cryptocurrency news so that you can stay up to date.


Crypton probably has the least functions out of any app in this list, but is still a useful tool that benefits from its simplicity and clean design.
Crypton "only" shows you the current values of different cryptocurrencies - and when you click on one, it displays a 24h graph as well as the price change in percentage.
And that's about it!

But the clean design still makes this app useful for me, it's perfect for anyone who just wants to quickly check on the prices - nothing more.


BitcoinTicker has been around for years, and was one of the first cryptocurrency-related apps that I downloaded, probably back in 2012.
The app displays the real-time Bitcoin price on different exchanges, shows graphs and in-depth statistics, lets you set alarms for certain price levels, and also shows bitcoin-related news.

Wallet Apps

Depending on which exchange- or wallet provider you use, they might already offer a mobile app solution for their platform.
But here are 2 of the most popular wallet apps that let you send an receive cryptocurrency transactions.

Blockchain wallet is the most popular provider for cryptocurrency wallets.
This simple application lets you login to your account securely, send and receive Bitcoins, view transactions, access 22 different currencies and more.


Wirex is not only an app, but a platform that has also developed a virtual bitcoin debit card.
This app makes mobile bitcoin banking simple, and allows for instant transactions, overview of your cash flow, price developments, and more.
You can even buy bitcoins through the app, or register for a physical plastic card to withdraw bitcoins at an ATM.

News Apps

They cryptocurrency scene is developing at such a rapid pace - it seems like there's something new every day.
That's why it has become a habit of mine to always check the latest cryptocurrency news sites (and then share interesting stories on my steemit blog!)


ChainHub provides a collection of cryptocurrency news from different sources.

You can filter among specific topics, and even download them so that you can read them offline later.
It also lets you create your own custom feed by selecting certain categories only, and provides a brief overview of Bitcoin prices as well.

BTC News

BTC News is an app that provides extensive articles and research about the latest cryptocurrency related news.
The app offers articles of different categories, bitcoin price graphs, bitcoin prices and rates on different exchanges, cryptocurrency-related podcasts, the ability to explore different subreddits and more.

Cryptocurrency Price Converter

Lastly, of course we all need a quick and easy solution to convert cryptocurrency prices.

Best cryptocurrency portfolio chart

It's just not convenient having to calculate manually!

Crypto Converter

Although there are several different price converters for cryptocurrencies, Crypto Converter is the best one in my opinion.
Its sleek, simplistic design makes it easy to use, and the app offers a wide variety of hundreds of different cryptocurrencies to convert between.
There are not many other functions but I think the simplicity of this tool is actually its biggest advantage.

What other cryptocurrency apps do you use?

Please share your experiences below!

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Best cryptocurrency portfolio chart

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