Best Cryptocurrency Podcast For Beginners

Best cryptocurrency podcast for beginners

Are you trying to learn about Bitcoin and altcoins?

10 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts – Recommended For Beginners?

Do you find it’s a struggle?
Do you want to get a grip on the issue quickly, and make some informed investment decisions? Thankfully, there are people out there who have been studying this technology for years, and who are kind enough to share their knowledge with you! There are many resources to get your daily dose of crypto-news and information. But, arguably, the most in-depth source and definitely the most convenient are podcasts.

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Podcasts are a great medium for people to absorb this knowledge. Here is our list of the best Bitcoin Podcasts that will help you understand the technology better, and give you the information you need to become a better crypto investor.

Best Cryptocurrency Podcast

Podcasts for Beginners

Blockchain technologies might be the future of the financial and tech worlds, thereby somewhat fusing them in certain standards, but also giving us far more opportunities to enjoy money itself in a variety of capacities.

The best and simplest way to dive into this space without any prior knowledge is by following the very best Bitcoin podcasts for beginners.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

If you are still looking for an answer: ‘What is bitcoin?’, you should definitely take a look at The Bitcoin Podcast Network – an independent media organization in 2015 generating over 1 million downloads.

It has grown into a daily collection of long-form conversations, in the form of podcasts where the world’s leading thinkers and doers share their knowledge and perspectives with us. There you can find talks on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, and much more.

These guys are PhDs with business consultant credentials and a mind for making tangible money out of digital currencies.

16 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2020 (That are worth your time)

It’s a sharp and interesting perspective on the reality behind blockchains, but at its core obviously rules bitcoin in of itself as a form of primary content. That’s why it’s among the bitcoin podcasts as it points out the most beneficial ideals as individual topics of discussion across a vast library ranging to somewhere near 140 episodes.

Bitcoin Uncensored

Chris DeRose and Joshua Unseth started Bitcoin Uncensored show back in 2015unknowingly beginning one of the popular bitcoin shows for beginners.

Despite the fact that the two hosts have broken up and disbanded, thereby cancelling any continuance, the previous episodes have some of the best crypto news, much of which deals with the rise of bitcoin itself.

Crypto Cousins

Hosts Gary LeLand and Tony Cecala make Crypto Cousins a vast array of discussions on the nature of the crypto world entirely.

Note that Crypto Cousins shouldn’t be utilized for trading or investment strategies since it’s more useful for the ownership, understanding of, and newfound realities behind this new form of currency.

Best cryptocurrency podcast for beginners

They’re among the few podcasts that actually warn of the risks in investing, offering more of a broad overview on how best to conceptualize their future entirely.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast will share strategies to help you navigate the blockchain space, while also harkening on the necessities of the crypto world.

It might not be your typical podcast, as shows are more or less intended to be on interviews and in-depth examinations into the culture of cryptocurrency, it’s still got a huge following. Since it is a show based on interviews with some of the top names in the business, it’s not too difficult to see why it’s gaining listeners daily.

Trace Mayer is a monetary scientist.

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He has degrees in accounting and law and was one of the first bloggers to see in Bitcoin an opportunity for financial freedom and monetary independence. His Bitcoin Knowledge podcast includes expert interviews and analysis of the latest news in cryptocurrency and a firm belief in the power of the blockchain.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show does not have a cryptocurrency or blockchain focus, but it still makes this list of best crypto podcasts on the strength of one of the top single-episodes of all time.

In it, Ferriss interviews crypto experts Nick Szabo (a computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer best known for his pioneering research in digital currencies and contracts) and Naval Ravikant, asks the Bitcoin FAQ of a typical beginner, and then carries on the discussion into ever-deeper topics for more than 2 hours. The result is a fantastic introduction for the complete crypto novice, as well as a look into the bigger picture of what crypto might be heading in the future.

This is a great episode for beginners, and – in true Tim Ferriss-style –complex ideas are laid bare for mass consumption.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Technologists and crypto-enthusiasts Travis Wright and Joel Comm, although newcomers to the crypto podcasting airwaves, have created an informative albeit absurd show.

What’s the Best Cryptocurrency for Beginners

The duo plays off each other to humorous effect, making for a light and beginner-friendly environment.

Their aim is to “demystify the world of bitcoin, blockchain, Litecoin, Ethereum, alt-coins, token generation events, and ICOs in this podcast for cryptocurrency newbies.” The hosts admit they’re learning as they go, so if you’re already well-informed on digital currencies, the level of their discussions may be a bit too low.

Bitcoin and Crypto News

Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network is by far one of the most necessary bitcoin shows to listen to and follow.

Antonopoulos is known for having written books, appeared in shows, and has many different blogs contributing to the very best BTC news around.

Aside from having a host that’s quite nearly the king of BTC news, Let’s Talk Bitcoin also has 10 different affiliated shows across its own network.

Will making cryptocurrencys more available drive the pice high

There’s plenty of news and info to gather on bitcoin and blockchains beyond. Since being initiated in 2013, the show has a vast array of topics spanning well over 340 episodes, continuing still to evoke a sense of unlimited wonder in the form of bitcoin possibilities.


Epicenter is a weekly show that provides a platform for industry people to have in-depth discussions about blockchain projects, new developments, ideas, and stories.

Every week, hosts Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy bring you in-depth conversations with some of the brightest minds in this emerging ecosystem of startups and open source projects.

Their guests, which range from entrepreneurs to academics, to industry experts, join the conversation from different locations around the globe, which gives Epicenter a truly international scope.

Dating back to nearly 2013, Epicenter is one of the longer-running crypto podcasts out there.

Invest in bitcoin worth it_

And is perfect for those looking for in-depth talks with people on the front lines of the decentralization and global blockchain revolution.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast currently has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and is the 7th most popular podcast on Apple iTunes charts.

The JRE has been friendly with the crypto community for a while now and has featured Andreas Antonopoulos on several occasions.

In Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1079, Rogan and Hinchcliffe bring up the number one concern surrounding cryptocurrencies, security.

They bring up the recent NANO hack on Bitgrail which resulted in the theft of over $170 million worth of NANO and left Bitgrail Exchange insolvent.

Rogan feels there’s a current war between programmers and hackers but once holding crypto can be made more secure and wallets impenetrable, more people will be willing to jump on board.

The two comedians also view the potential of digital currencies from an artist’s/content creator’s benefit. Rogan ponders the possibility of huge artists starting their own coins which would then be used to buy and trade their merchandise.

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Artists could receive 100% of support from their fans and not have to go through a middle man. In addition, if an artist is big enough their coin could be valued high and be traded on the market or used to purchase other goods.

Channels About Mining

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, a new class of Crypto assets built using the innovative design of the blockchain is disrupting technology and financial markets.

Best cryptocurrency podcast for beginners

In The What Bitcoin Did Podcast, cryptocurrency trader and miner, Peter McCormack, interviews leaders from across the crypto economy. In this show you will hear from traders, miners, venture capitalist, investors, technical developers, CEOs, journalist and other people driving forward the growth of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The Mining Stock Report

The Mining Stock Report is dedicated to the world of mining investments, with a focus on the role of precious metals (gold and silver) in the global economy.

Each week we speak with top CEO’s, renowned geologists, mining analysts, and industry experts. Our show and weekly newsletter explain what to look for when investing in mining stocks.

1. Off The Chain

The goal is to encourage you to engage in comprehensive due diligence when researching prospective investments, and understand the geopolitical and economic environments that influence global markets. We cover topics such as “what factors drive gold price fluctuations”, “risks to be aware of when researching potential mining investments” and “how to find hidden value in junior gold stocks.” If you currently invest in either mining or gold, or you plan to in the future, then be sure to tune in.

Cryptocurrency Investing Podcasts

Coin Mastery

Carter Thomas’s Coin Mastery is no doubt one of the more investor-friendly podcasts with episodes that tend to be associated with money management in the field of cryptocurrency and the reality of venture capital investments with bitcoin.

If you want to learn how to make money off bitcoin without actually owning it, Coin Mastery is your most profitable channel and source for information.

It is being run by a top name investor and marketer like Carter, it’s no wonder they’re the one-stop shop for all investor-related discussion concerning the market of bitcoin and beyond.

Thomas has developed a reputation for his clear-headed thinking, succinct analysis, and role as a go-to guy for recapping the day’s news.

Some people may be intimidated by the trader-themed discussion, but for anyone with a working knowledge of blockchain, this is a great source to learn from.

Invest Like the Best

Invest Like the Best goes beyond digital currency and even beyond monetary investing – this is a show that covers investments of time and health as well.

Any good bitcoin/cryptocurrency podcasts?

But crypto has clearly caught the attention of Patrick O’Shaughnessy (the host), as it has become a recurring theme. The 3-part “audio documentary” called Hash Power is a great jumping-off point for newbies.

How to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for Beginners - AMPM PODCAST EP 144 (Part 1)

He presents a very clear overview of three of the most discussed aspects of cryptocurrency featuring some of the brightest minds in the space:

  • What is blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency investing
  • The future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Trading Videos


Unchained Podcast is a must for anyone interested in blockchain.

The knowledge show aims to “educate people on how blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money.” And it is hosted by Laura Shin, Senior Editor at Forbes

Some episodes are great for beginners and others will keep more knowledgeable folk happy.

Best cryptocurrency podcast for beginners

This show covers a nice mix of business, technology, beginner, and advanced topics. Whether you want to learn about the basics of blockchain technology or the implications of the latest hard fork, this podcast is an amazing resource. The only drawback is that episodes are released once every two weeks, which is quite a long time in the crypto-universe.

The Tai Lopez Show

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, consultant, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

2. Unchained and Unconfirmed

Through his popular book club and markets podcasts, Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries. Tai started what is now one of the world’s largest book clubs that reaches 1.4 million people in 40 countries with his “Book-Of-The-Day” free email newsletter.

Strategien crypto geld verdienen

Tai recently summarized all he has learned from his mentors and compiled them into a series of ‘mentor shortcuts’ he calls, “The 67 Steps.” He also created an alternative to the traditional business school.

This “Business Mentorship” program combines the best of self-learning with the best of a University degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods.


If you are interested in Bitcoin, altcoin, blockchain and other related topics, you should keep up with the latest news and trends.

And you can easily do it by listening informative and interesting shows from our list or you can always check others like NPR and much more.