Api Cryptocurrency Data Science

Api cryptocurrency data science

Coin API aims to integrate all cryptocurrency exchanges under a single API, then provide real-time and historical market data to clients. Find out how it works today in our Coin API review.

What Is CoinAPI?

Coin API, found online at CoinAPI.io, is a platform that provides fast, reliable, and unified data APIs to cryptocurrency markets.

The goal is to create a high-quality, one-stop solution for cryptocurrency market data.

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All Coin API data is standardized. Meanwhile, all market symbol details and asset codes are double-checked by real humans to ensure maximum quality and accuracy.

As of January 2018, Coin API has integrated 68 exchanges into its API.

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The API processes 2685 market data updates per second, supports 1102 assets, and has 30 TB of historical market data.

How Does CoinAPI Work?

Coin API delivers data on-demand through well-documented and simple HTTP RESTful APIs in JSON, XML, and CSV formats.

Coin API also offers access through WebSocket and FIX protocols for clients with more demanding integrations – like integrations requiring real-time market data streaming.

Finally, Coin API offers helper libraries on Github for the most popular programming languages, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects instead of wasting time.

Coin API is available via a free and paid subscription.

Custom pricing is also available for enterprise users.

The 68 exchanges currently integrated into Coin API include most popular and high volume exchanges, including Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Gemini, Huobi, Coinone, Bithumb, and more.

CoinAPI Exchange Market Data Use Cases

Some of the possible use cases for Coin API include all of the following:

Systematic Trading:

Coin API provides access to its historical intraday market data for backtesting models.

Api cryptocurrency data science

Meanwhile, the real-time market data stream is ideal for live trading and proactive portfolio risk management.

Portfolio Management:

Coin API users can get a precise valuation of portfolios containing multiple cryptocurrency assets using a single API call.

Third Party Integrations:

Integrate Coin API’s data into your application with a simple-to-use SDK, available in most popular programming languages.

Big Data Science:

Coin API offers terabytes of raw and preprocessed market data, making it an ideal tool for research and analysis from environments like Python, R, or Matlab.

The system can deliver data to you on demand, whenever you need it, with an easy-to-use API.

Exchange Rates:

Get the most accurate exchange rates, calculated by averaging the volume weighted price traded over multiple markets, by incorporating both active and passive market data, and by using the foreign exchange reference rates of various central banks.

Market Making:

Coin API offers a complete, real-time knowledge of the status of all markets, making it easier to run market making strategies.

CoinAPI Pricing

Coin API offers free and paid pricing options.

Api cryptocurrency data science

Here’s how each subscription works:


  • No customer/tech support
  • 100 daily requests
  • Trades only via WebSocket
  • No access via FIX protocol
  • Ideal for testing or hobby projects

Startup ($79 Per Month)

  • Email support
  • 1,000 daily requests
  • Trades only via WebSocket
  • No access via FIX protocol
  • For small projects or integrations

Streamer ($249 Per Month)

  • Email support
  • 10,000 daily requests
  • Trades and quotes via WebSocket
  • No access via FIX protocol
  • Ideal for integrations with real-time data streams

Professional ($599 Per Month)

  • Priority email support
  • 100,000 daily requests
  • Unlimited access via WebSocket
  • Unlimited access via FIX protocol
  • For medium and larger size integrations

Enterprise (Custom Pricing)

  • Integration assistance
  • SLA agreement
  • Premium support
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Custom features
  • History data in flat files
  • Ideal for mission-critical operations

Who’s Behind CoinAPI?

Coin API’s infrastructure is located in the United States, the EU, and Asia.

The company relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting. Clients can collocate around Coin API, or they can setup dedicated server infrastructure for those with an Enterprise subscription.

The company behind Coin API is called Marmot Solutions Ltd, a London-based IT company.

CoinAPI Conclusion

Coin API is built to provide fast, reliable, and unified API access to real-time and historical data from multiple sources across the cryptocurrency industry.

Api cryptocurrency data science

The team aims to integrate all cryptocurrency exchanges, then deliver data in both raw and preprocessed forms to customers via a single API.

Free and paid subscriptions are available to users.

To learn more, visit CoinAPI.io today.

Api cryptocurrency data science