A Cryptocurrency Miner Hidden In A Favicon.ico

A cryptocurrency miner hidden in a favicon.ico

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Now I will describe the process of "sweeping tracks" when using the MinerGate admin edition.

Let's consider an example of renaming the MinerGate-service service to the IntelDeviceManager service (if AMD system - think up another name so that there is no pale yellow))

  1. Download the correct version of the application https://minergate.com/downloads/admin
  2. Install: remove the checkbox "Create MinerGate-service Desktop Icon", put the checkbox "Do not create shortcuts in the Start menu"
  3. Go to the Program Files folder on the system drive and rename the MinerGate-service subfolder to IntelDeviceManager.
  4. We go to the renamed folder and there we set the order:
    -minergate-service.exe rename to IntelDeviceManager.exe
    -minergate-service-settings.exe rename settings.exe
    -Uninstall.exe is removed (optional)))
  5. Open the Registry Editor and go to the branch: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services
  6. Find the sublime MinerGate and rename it to IntelDeviceManager
  7. Open the new branch of IntelDeviceManager, edit the string parameter "ImagePath": "C: \ Program Files \ MinerGate-service \ srvany.exe" to our new path "C: \ Program Files \ IntelDeviceManager \ srvany.exe"
  8. Open the "Parameters" pod and edit the string parameter "Application": "C: \ Program Files \ MinerGate-service \ minergate-service.exe" is changed to "C: \ Program Files \ IntelDeviceManager \ IntelDeviceManager.exe"
  9. Close the Registry Editor, reboot the system

Further all on the standard:

  1. Go to the folder C: \ Program Files \ IntelDeviceManager and run (from the admin) file settings.exe
  2. We adjust the currency and the number of threads involved (I do not recommend more than one thread, again, in order not to be so pale), we enter soap (login on the pool) and close the configurator.
  3. Open the services (either through the control panel, or through the console: WIN + R -> services.msc)
  4. We are looking for our service "IntelDeviceManager" and set it startup parameters (I would recommend automatic delayed start).

That's all.

To write long, but in practice - 5 minutes of time.

PS: you can thus disguise the miner under the antivirus monitor))
Shl2: if the machine really is an antivirus, do not forget to disable it for the duration of operations, and when finished add the folder C: \ Program Files \ IntelDeviceManager in the elimination of threats and in firewall exceptions.
Shl3: instead of renaming the MinerGate registry branch in step 6, you can add the DisplayName string parameter to it and write the desired service name (it can be Cyrillic), but since the goal is to hide any mention of MinerGate, I prefer the first option.

Thanks for attention, good luck and high hashes

A cryptocurrency miner hidden in a favicon.ico