365 Day Cryptocurrency Volume

365 day cryptocurrency volume

Liqui is a cryptocurrency exchange available worldwide. The exchange launched in 2016. Find out the key facts behind this exchange today in our review.

What is Liqui?

Liqui, found online at Liqui.io, is a cryptocurrency exchange with particularly strong liquidity in Ethereum and other altcoins – including MGO, BAT, VSL, and ROUND.

At the time of writing, Liqui was sitting at the 28th spot in terms of 24 hour trading volume, with about $10,000,000 of trading volume over a 24 hour period.

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That puts in between exchanges like CEX.io, Gatehub, OkCoin, and Gatecoin in terms of trading volume.

The exchange was launched in 2016. You can read the official launch announcement at the BitcoinTalk forums here.

What makes Liqui different from the dozens of other exchanges? One of the advantages is that Liqui has a savings account where you can earn a 24% annual percent rate (APR).

Interest is paid every 24 hours, and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

Obviously, there’s a catch to this 24% APR: you can only deposit a certain amount of money into the Liqui savings account.

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Your allowable amount is based on your Liqui trading volume. At the time of writing, Liqui had a limit of 300 BTC.

Liqui is clearly a unique concept compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

Liqui Savings Account Features

For most people, a guaranteed 24% annual return on investment is a very good thing.

How does Liqui offer a 24% APR?

As mentioned above, there’s a limit to how much you can deposit into your Liqui savings account.

365 day cryptocurrency volume

We’ll talk about that limit below. But first, here are some of the features of the savings account:

  • Actual interest fees are calculated by the minute for currencies like BTC, LTC, and ETH
  • Your interest is paid every 24 hours
  • Your savings account funds are never blocked; you can withdraw them at any time or cancel your deposit and make them immediately available for trading

How Does the Savings Account Limit Work?

If Liqui offered unlimited 24% APR to all investors at all amounts, they would be the most popular investing website on the planet.

365 day cryptocurrency volume

That’s why they need a limit in place. Liqui has a limit to guarantee they can keep paying their 24% APR.

Here’s how that limit works: the limit is based on two indicators, including your trade volume and the percentage rebate from each transaction.

The trading fee is 0.5% (0.25% each from the maker/taker).

Liqui rebates 75% of each trade towards interest payments.

Liqui Savings Account Features

0.5% x 0.75 = 0.375%.

Therefore, a daily exchange volume of 45 BTC allows Liqui to fully cover interest expenses equivalent to 250 BTC at 24% APR (0.162 BTC per day). That’s because 45 BTC x 0.375% (the amount paid to you in interest) = 0.168 BTC.

Your interest is paid in whatever coin you deposited.

Now, you’re probably wondering about one big thing: the prices of cryptocurrencies aren’t fixed.

365 day cryptocurrency volume

They fluctuate wildly. How can Liqui guarantee a 24% return when coins can drop 24% in value in a single day?

Liqui has a system in place to protect against this. The exchange allocates 20% for fluctuations like this to avoid total limit excess.

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However, if the price of a coin sharply rises, the limit for that coin proportionally to its price will decrease. On the contrary, if the price sharply decreases, Liqui increases the limit for the coin proportionally to the price decrease.

Basically, if the value of a cryptocurrency sharply rises, then the company reduces its allowable limit in order to ensure it continues paying a 24% APR.

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If the value of a cryptocurrency sharply drops, Liqui will increase the allowable limit in your savings account.

Liqui’s limit was originally 200 BTC. Users could guarantee a 24% APR on a 365 day period for up to 200 BTC when the exchange first launched.

As of June 2017, that limit had been increased to 300 BTC.

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Eventually, the exchange wants to increase the limit to 1000 BTC.

That limit, by the way, extends across all currencies. The value of whatever currency you’re using is stated in BTC.

Liqui Fees

Liqui has a basic fee structure:

Liqui initially had a trading fee of 0.5%, with 0.25% coming from each party.

They’ve since adjusted their fees.

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Here are the fees for BTC, ETH, and USD:

  • Maker Fee: 0.1%
  • Taker Fee: 0.25%

There are no limits for deposits or withdrawals.

About Liqui

Liqui is headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. The company also has remote employees in Russia, Armenia, and the United States.

365 day cryptocurrency volume

The entire project is run by 7 individuals (or at least, it was run by 7 individuals at the time of launch in July 2016).

You can contact the exchange by email at [email protected]

Liqui.io Conclusion

Liqui is one of the top 30 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Liqui is distinguished from other exchanges for its unique savings account system, where traders are guaranteed a return of 24% in a 365 day period, up to a certain limit.

365 day cryptocurrency volume

That limit is based on your trading volume. The exchange pays interest daily, and you can withdraw your funds at any time. They also have systems in place to protect your funds from major price drops and spikes.

You can start trading with Liqui today by visiting the exchange online at Liqui.io.