100 Cryptocurrencies 5 Years

100 cryptocurrencies 5 years

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The data is sourced from Coinmarketcap.com using historical snapshots from 7/3/2016 and 7/2/2017.
Qora was by far the best bet, #89 on the 7/3/2016 rankings and that $100 each would now be worth $436,418.
Past performance is not a guarantee or prediction of future performance.
The over total is $546,237, though over 80% of that is Qora gains alone ($463,418).
The volume for Qora is 0.08 BTC ($206) in the past 24 hours, so even if you owned that amount of Qora, you'd only have one option to offload it (OpenLedger).
There were 6 coins that do not have enough volume to establish a current price, were delisted, or have gone away (DAO, SCOT, BILS, RBR, XCR, VOOT).

These have been counted as -100% (worth $0), since they are now worthless/nonexistent.
Taking into account that there is no reasonable ability to sell Qora at this price at this time and that it is an outlier, I have also given Qora a -100% (worth $0) for a new total of $109,819, or basically 11x/1100% with the readily available information.

Many people have made better returns over the past year and in crypto, a year is an extremely long time.

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I generally consider my long term holds to be 2-6 months, midterm 2-8weeks, and short term to be up to 2 weeks, so a year is a particularly long time from my perspective. 1100% is profitable but it's on par with what many people expect in a quarter of that time period.

100 cryptocurrencies 5 years

I am impressed with Nexus (NXS) over the course of the year.

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100 cryptocurrencies 5 years