Forex Brokers Swaps Myfxbook

Forex brokers swaps myfxbook

Forex brokers swaps myfxbook

Those of you who have noticed, we’ve been working really hard the past few months to bring you new and super useful features unavailable anywhere else and here is our latest development: a new section called Forex Swaps covering over 200 brokers! Swaps are important factor in trading as it can make or break your trading plan.

In this section you can easily compare the swap paid (or debited) to you in a table format.

You can choose the currencies to compare to and filter the swaps according to your criteria:

Clicking on a broker will show all of its swap rates and you’ll be able to easily compare the swap against swap values of other brokers in a chart:

Also, as per your request, the community outlook chart was upgraded and it now includes a live currency feed (for the currency you’re viewing) and 6 different timeframes (more timeframes will be added as soon as there is enough data collected):

Have a great week,

The Myfxbook team.

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Forex brokers swaps myfxbook

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